Year 9 Experiential Theatre

Year 9 Experiential Theatre

Last week our Year 9 students took part in an Experiential Theatre performance, mimicking some of the atmospheric conditions suffered by the Jewish prisoners being transported to Auschwitz Camp. The task is not only designed to have cross-curricular links with History but to also encourage empathy through participation and active thinking.  Although the students were safe, the experience is designed to disorientate, shock and to overload the senses. Here are what some of our students had to say in their evaluations following the experience:

“We were made to line up outside the classroom blindfolded – that made me anxious because I was unaware of my surroundings. The loss of vision made the other senses more focused”

“I waited in silence whilst other people were being forced into the carriage, I could hear and feel other people around me and this made me feel like I didn’t have any personal space.”

“Mr Bryant put on some train noises and people shouting to make the experience more realistic. During the experience Mr Bryant shouted to enforce his character’s aggressive personality and to show that he had authority”

“The close proximity of people in the carriage, the noises and rain all gave us a small idea of what people on the real train would have experienced. At the end there was a few minutes of absolute silence, this made me quiver because I had the feeling something would suddenly happen”