Year 4 Trip to Petrosains

Year 4 Trip to Petrosains

One of our Year 4 students reports below on what they learnt on their recent trip to Petrosains:

Last week, on Thursday, Year 4 visited Petrosains. We were very excited and thrilled to go there. We learnt how to make a wireless circuit,  the symbols for electric devices and we even learnt about fire. The three ingredients you need to make fire are fuel, oxygen and heat. The weakest fire is when it is yellow but the strongest fire is when it looks blue. Also, it was a bit scary when we were watching the show and the pop sound came out from the fire. We all screamed when we heard that.

A teacher who called herself Princess Elsa told us lots about electricity. Some of the tasks were kind of hard, but still, it was a lot of fun being with our friends. The things that I really liked were the digger, Just Dance and making the circuit with paper cups, tin foil, a cell and an LED. My favourite game was the little drone because it was so funny. My friends, Pui San and Sophie, built a tall tower using wooden bricks.

Finally, it was time to leave. I was very sad because we had tons of fun at Petrosains. I got a badge and a pink balloon. Yay! I would like to go to Petrosains again.

Written by 4K