Year 4 Residential Trip

Year 4 Residential Trip

Year 4 recently travelled to Kiulu, near Tamparuli, to stay for two nights at The Adventure Centre, run by Ability Expeditions. Over the 3 days the students were faced with many challenges, both mental and physical, aimed at developing their teamwork and outdoor skills. For some it was their very first time sleeping away from home. For others, it was merely their first time sleeping outside under the stars, with only a hammock and mosquito net. But, for everyone, it was a fantastic and memorable learning experience.

The first day was structured with activities to help the students find out more about themselves and to work as small teams to solve challenges. The reward for this was a movie night in the lodge, before camping out in bamboo hammocks.

The second day saw the students reinforcing their knowledge about jungle environments. The students hiked to a jungle camp, over suspension bridges and alongside streams, to be treated to a demonstration of how to make camp fires, as well as creating cups and utensils out of bamboo.

Day three was the real treat! All of the group were able to summit the adventure wall with high rope challenges, abseiling and rock climbing. However the highlight for all was definitely the cross-river zip line into the jungle and back again! All the students returned home happy, tired and a little bit smelly on Saturday afternoon!

Here is what some of the students said about the trip:

I had the most amazing time there because I faced all my fears on all of the activities. Year 3 will enjoy it next year! – Chesapeake

We got Mr Burrows wet in the water balloon fight and the hammocks were actually quite cozy.- Sharan

On the first day of camp we were shocked when we realized that there were loads of insects, but things got better. Especially when we were split into 3 teams and we had to compete in different challenges for 3 days. It was great fun! – Ituoiza

I enjoyed when we got to play football with children from another international school. Also I liked it when we did the jungle trekking.- Nathan

My favourite part was playing around on the field. We played football, frisbee, water balloons and even boomerang.- Marco

The most challenging activity was the high ropes because we had to walk on a tight wobbly rope. –Thilal

The worst part was the freezing cold showers! – Maina

I liked it when Caleb was on the zipline because he got stuck halfway and was hanging above the river. –Sean

The thing that I liked most was going into the jungle because it was nice to hear the sound of the river and the animals. –Lizzie

It was my first time being away from home. The food was cooked well and my most favourite part was sleeping in the hammock and trying the blowpipes. – Alson

I enjoyed sleeping in the hammock the most. I wish I could go there again.- Pik Ern

My favourite part was the zipline! As I went across the river on it, cool wind was blowing in my face and it was a fantastic view. I wish I could do it millions of times. –Ting Xiang