Year 3 Visit UMS

Year 3 Visit UMS

Year 3 Trip To The Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition at UMS

As part of their study on nutrition, Year 3 recently visited the Faculty of Food Science and Nutrition at UMS and report here on their trip:

6Upon arriving the university we were given a warm welcome by the Head of Faculty and shown to one of the tutorial rooms. Dr. Yasmin, a senior lecturer, explained her role to us and then she gave us a presentation about the healthy plate, which includes each of the main food groups. She showed us some delicious balanced breakfast ideas that we can try at home!

After the presentation it was time for a healthy snack to give us plenty of energy for the activities and demonstrations that followed. The first activity involved filling out a questionnaire about ourselves and then learning about measurement by measuring and recording our own height and weight. Once we had completed our measurements we visited some of the food preparation labs.

In the bakery lab, we learnt about the ingredients used to bake a bun and had the chance to knead doughballs. This was followed by the chocolate demonstration! It was very interesting to see in action the different moulds, fillings and edible stickers used for preparing chocolates. Luckily there were plenty for sampling- not too much though as we have been learning that chocolate should only be eaten occasionally and in small amounts.

The final lab that we visited was also where we ate our lunch. The demonstrators showed us how to prepare cooked chicken mince into a patty using a special machine (that we each had a turn to use) and they spoke to us about washing and preparing fruit and vegetables.

Our lunch was a balanced meal (including the bun and patty) with ingredients from the main food groups. Overall, it was an interesting and educational visit. Hopefully we can remember to include veggies in all of our meals in future!