Year 12 Careers Days

Year 12 Careers Days

Last week our Year 12 students attended the school’s annual Careers Days.  These three days give the students an opportunity to really focus on their futures as they start to actively plan out what they would like to do following their A Levels.

The aims of the three days were:
•    To learn about how others have managed their careers
•    To prepare for applications to Universities
•    To complete a Personal Statement
•    To contribute to the School Reference
•    To carry out Careers Research
•    To cook a meal [excellent preparation for life away from the comforts of home!]

We were fortunate once again to be able to welcome a number of wonderful presenters. Ms Jasmine Leong from IEC kicked off the three days in fine style with a presentation entitled ‘How to Choose your Career Path in the 21st Century’, which really got the students thinking proactively. Jasmine has been a regular at our Careers Days over the last five years and we are very grateful for her input. A representative from the University of Sheffield was followed by Ms Sonia Mueller and Ms Pauline Ngui, representing Suisse Edu, who spoke to the students about careers in the hospitality industry. KIS Vice Board Chair, Mr Simon Enderby, talked to the students about how his career path has developed and the students were fascinated by his life story, his underwater camera work and his interactions with some very ‘interesting’ sea creatures including the Humboldt squid [to be handled with extreme caution!]. Some of our Year 12 students will have to go through an interview as part of their university applications, and Mrs Burns was on hand again this year to give the students some clear ideas about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ interviews. Whilst this was the main focus of the session, Mrs Burns also spent time talking about ‘How to Protect your Online Profile’, vital in today’s world. KIS teachers, Ms Service, Mr Walker and Mrs Davis, talked about their own career paths, and Ms McNutt once again gave the students the benefit of her expertise in ‘Writing the Perfect Personal Statement’. We were fortunate in that Mr Irolo Cooke, one of our first Year 13 graduates, was on hand to have an informal discussion with the Years 12s about ‘My Life: from KIS to King’s College London’.

All students were led through the intricacies of UCAS [the central clearing body for all UK applications] before the week finished with a fun cooking session, ‘Cooking for One’, facilitated by Ms Tully and Mr Bryant.

The Year 12 students started their work experience this week and they will continue with that until Friday 29th, before returning to school for the final week of term.  We are grateful to friends in the KIS community for providing them with some wonderful opportunities, including placements at local hospitals, clinics and a law firm.