Year 1 Visit Chanteek Borneo

Year 1 Visit Chanteek Borneo

On Wednesday 1st July, Year One ventured out to Chanteek Borneo near Tamparuli to finish off their unit of study on Sabah.

They were welcomed by a traditional Eagle Dance and the much loved Sumazau. They then treated the staff to a rendition of ‘Gunang Kinabalu’ which had all students and adults singing.

The museum at Chanteek Borneo houses over 500 dolls wearing handmade traditional costumes from all over Sabah. The students were given the opportunity to study these dolls and discover more about life in the kampungs for the tribal people. They learnt about traditional fishing methods and how blow pipes were used as well as looking at some of the replica scale models of longhouses and lookout towers. The highlight of the day for many of the students was being able to dress their own dolls in traditional clothes too.

After lunch they were treated to a musical display using gongs and drums and the children were taught how to play these. The day was finished off by learning a Kadazan version of hopscotch and since returning to school we have seen the children playing this in the playground and teaching their friends in other years how to play too.

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