Teacher Tuesday – Mrs Julie Connah

Teacher Tuesday – Mrs Julie Connah

In this week’s Teacher Tuesday we speak to Mrs Julie Connah, who teaches Secondary Mathematics and ICT:

How many years have you been teaching?
26 years

When did you join KIS?
January 2017

Use three words to describe the KIS community:
a Friendly Learning Community

What is your favourite classroom resource and why?
Technology – Excel, Graphing Software and Interactive Whiteboards. As a teacher of senior Mathematics, being able to use a wide range of software applications and packages on the big screen, so that students can see what is happening, provides an amazing jumping off point for student investigations. We live in a world where digital technology takes away much of the laborious manual tasks that slows down our curiosity. Using such technology allows us to quickly explore patterns and to ask the questions: “What is going on?” and “what will small changes do to what we see?”

Tell us a little known fact about you:
I am a (teacher training) Workshop Leader for the International Baccalaureate and a Senior Examiner for the IB Diploma Mathematics examinations. And during my teaching career I have worked in the UK, Thailand, Switzerland, China, India, Australia and Malaysia!

What is the best thing about being a teacher?
Working with young adults, helping them understand more about how this amazing world we live in works; helping them find their passions and explore what they may be interested in pursuing for their careers. Teaching is all about developing strong relationships that encourage and underpin good learning.

What do you enjoy doing in KK when you’re not working?
I like getting out and enjoying the outdoors. KK, Sabah is just a beautiful part of the world!