Supporting LEAP Education Group

Supporting LEAP Education Group

KIS has been delighted to work with LEAP Education Group recently, supporting one of 5 Trust Schools in Sabah in developing their educators.

LEAP Education wrote the following report on the project and their time with us:

The Quest for Quality Education and Empowering Communities in Rural Papar

Five Trust Schools in Papar, Sabah have been reaching out beyond school borders to develop as educators, improve student learning and to empower their local communities to be bilingual and pro-active in their children’s learning.

SK Mandahan, one of 5 Trust Schools embraced the initial offer of collaborating with Kinabalu International School (KIS) to share and see best practice through observing high quality lessons delivered by the dynamic KIS team. 26 teachers, 3 JPN officials and 3 SLT members, accompanied by an advisory team, had an enriching educational experience led by Nicky Russell, Head of Primary, during their two visits in February and March this year.

After the visits, teachers realised that Trust School training complements and empowers educators to deliver teaching at an international school level, despite the differences in facilities and resources in schools. KIS willingly opened its doors for the start of this initiative and hopes to establish a long-term educational partnership. KIS provided a realistic picture of what the outcomes of training can look like and encouraged teachers to look past their current challenges.

Communicating in English remains one of the biggest challenges communities, staff and students face in school. SK Mandahan is committed to giving students the opportunity to become effective communicators and global citizens through 21st century learning and teaching. Since February 2017 the school has committed to empower parents to master English in an achievable, cost-effective way. This year, staff continue to deliver a combined English/ICT class to parents to enable them to understand how their children learn in this modern era.

Throughout 2017, students have also been collaborating in English with schools in England and Finland and international students in Penang, across subjects and global issues, and continue to do so this year. In June 2018, a team of six from the primary Trust Schools will be travelling to the UK to partner with independent and local schools. The team will also be receiving free training from established Global Coordinators for developing Bilinguism and sharing student learning through global projects.