World of Mathematics Photography Competition

World of Mathematics Photography Competition

Mathematics is all around us. Consider the symmetry of reflections in a lake or petals on a flower, the geometry and shapes of buildings and monuments or the tessellating patterns in floor tiles and mosaics.

Students, parents and staff are invited to enter the competition by submitting a photograph they have taken which depicts the World of Mathematics in some way.

Photos should be submitted to the School Office by Monday 30th November using the competition entry form, which can be downloaded from the Useful Documents page of the website. Make sure you give your entry a title which explains the mathematical content of the photograph, which must include a mathematical word, e.g. ‘flower symmetry’, ‘hexagonal window’ or ‘groups of five’.

The winning entries will be announced at the end of term Celebration Assembly.

Good luck and happy snapping!

Mrs Sue Taylor
Teacher of Mathematics