High quality, international education

The curriculum at KIS is based on the English National Curriculum, and adapted where appropriate for use in an international school. In the Secondary school we offer the Cambridge IGCSE and A Level programmes. Lessons are taught using a wide variety of methods, incorporating digital technology where relevant and ensuring each student has the opportunity to achieve their own potential.

Broad and balanced curriculum that develops the whole child

The school will develop the whole child through the combination of a wide breadth of academic options, an extensive extra curricular programme, leadership opportunities, excellent  resources and exciting learning opportunities, delivered by highly experienced staff.

Highly qualified, experienced teachers

Teachers at KIS are recruited through a rigorous process designed to ensure our students benefit from the best teaching possible. New overseas staff are typically employed direct from the UK or from other International Schools abroad. All must have accredited teaching qualifications and a minimum of three years’ teaching experience. Our staff are committed and hard working, approachable and professional, providing guidance and support to students and parents alike.

Full international accreditation by the Council Of International Schools (CIS)

The school asked an independent accreditation authority to review all areas of the school. The school’s CIS accreditation means that the school has been rigorously assessed by an external, independent organisation against an agreed benchmark of standards across all areas of the school. Assessment continues at regular cycles to ensure that the school is doing what is required to maintain its accreditation.

Internationally recognised qualifications

The Cambridge International Assessment for IGCSE and A Levels offered at KIS are highly regarded globally and are recognised worldwide by universities and employers. CIE is the world’s largest provider of international education programmes and qualifications.

English language in both teaching and social contact

Students at KIS are immersed in the English language, all day every day. For those for whom English is not their first language this will greatly increase confidence and capability, combined with the support of our English as an Additional Language teaching team.

A caring international community

At KIS we understand that to become ‘successful global citizens’ our students need to develop knowledge and understanding of both their own cultures and those of other people. We strive to offer students a range of experiences that will enhance learning, raise awareness and promote life-long interest and involvement in local, national and international affairs in a friendly and caring environment.

Not for profit school

All fees are used to continually improve the resources and facilities at the school. The Board of Management is made up of a group of elected parents, who meet on a monthly basis with the Principal.

Treating each student as an individual

Whether they are 3 or 13, each student at KIS is treated as an individual. Our experienced teachers take time to learn about and understand each student and provide a learning experience that meets their needs.

Developing essential skills, as well as academic knowledge

The future workplace that our students will enter requires resilience and a desire to keep learning.  Our progressive approach to teaching means that each child’s creativity and emotional intelligence is developed to best prepare them for the future world of work.



The Barrière Family

We thank all the staff at KIS for making these three years a formidable experience and creating beautiful memories for our four children. ESL has been a great help for our daughters and gave them the key to an easy and quick adaptation. Our children also truly blossomed thanks to the many extra-curricular activities (FOBISIA, Duke of
Edinburgh, after school clubs etc…). The quality of teaching, the teachers’ attentiveness and the special relationships they build with their students has helped our children feel at ease and obtain results that allow them to look to the future with more confidence, in international sections in the French system, or for our eldest in an International School in Paris. It is with regret that we are leaving Kota Kinabalu and our time spent at KIS provides beautiful memories, filled with unforgettable experiences and friendly people. All four of our children are very sad to be leaving the school, and it will certainly be hard for us to find as good a school in France! Thanks for these three years of relational, social and academic growth. We wish KIS all the best for the future!

Anelka Davies

I have been in KIS since I was in Foundation 1. I have been through the whole school, and now it is my time to say goodbye and say thank you to KIS. I have enjoyed every bit of being in this school, from all the activities, Sports Days, Swimming Galas and FOBISIAs. I have enjoyed meeting many new people throughout my time here. The memories which will stay with me will definitely be going to the FOBISIA Games from Year 3 all the way through to Year 10. Sports Day in 2016 was the highlight of being in Year 13. As the House Captain of Sulug, we won after 4 years of losing; all our hard work and dedication paid off in the end and we couldn’t have been more thrilled. The Duke of Edinburgh Award has been such a great ECA for me. I learned how to survive a trek, improve my map reading skills and cook. It has taught me a lot.

I will miss KIS. I will miss all the teachers I have had and how each one of them has taught me something that I will forever cherish.

Mr Alex Paul

Having been at KIS for three years one would think I would find it easy to write a simple paragraph about my memories of being here. However, it is not, as it is terribly difficult to choose between them all!! For me, I would always have to say the children in my classes will be top of the list as I have worked with some awesome personalities with such a wide range of skills and talents. Every success they made with me and every step forward they continued to make in other year groups makes me proud to have been their teacher. I also have been very privileged to have taught three amazing topics and was able to do exciting trips and big assemblies with them. Every one of those shared activities has created new and happy memories for me. Also, I am very lucky to have worked with children throughout the Primary School during after school clubs and in productions; I don’t think I will ever get to experience plays as fun to be a part of, or FOBISIA trips where the team tries their hardest no matter how tough the competition. If all those memories weren’t enough, I am also glad to have met the teachers here at KIS as well. The children have been very fortunate to have this talented group of people to share their learning with.