As well as the academic programme, a key component of life in the Sixth Form is deciding on and applying to the next stage in their educational programme. With students of many nationalities in the school, we aim to provide personalised support, where possible, throughout this process.



As part of the Careers module, students will undertake a 2 week work experience placement in the third term of Year 12.  Students are expected to research the placement for themselves, with guidance from the school. If possible, this work opportunity should reflect career aspirations.



Researching and selecting tertiary education choices and submitting applications can be overwhelming for students. A three day Careers Fair is held towards the end of Year 12 in which we welcome external and internal speakers to the Sixth Form to provide advice and guidance to our students on career and university choices.



On the return to Year 13, all students are given time and support with their university applications as a group, and individually.



All students in Year 11, 12 and 13 will be given full access to our new and exciting careers and university platform, Unifrog.  Students can use Unifrog to set up their own criteria when searching a global database of universities which streamlines the process and ensures an informed decision is reached. Students can even use Unifrog to complete certain aspects of their university application such as the Common App Essay and the UCAS Personal Statement.

Having a comprehensive careers platform in place is an incredibly powerful tool, but teacher advice and guidance still forms by far the most important part of the process. Our PSHE programme has been structured to ensure our students are equipped with the life skills to cope at university and, through our regular career days, students are given the time, and the support, to craft a high-quality application. From August 2021, all Sixth Form students will be timetabled with a weekly PSHE/Careers lesson which will add further structure and depth to university and careers guidance on offer.