All students are expected to wear the correct school uniform at all times.  All students are placed in a School House (Gaya, Sulug or Sapi).

  • All students should wear black or white shoes with white ankle socks.  No coloured shoe laces are allowed.
  • Other than a single pair of stud earrings for girls, jewellery is not to be worn. Nail polish and make-up are not pemitted and hair colouring must be natural colours only.


Most school uniform (see below) can be purchased from the KIS Shop, located in the School Hall, beside the stage.


First week of each new term: 7.30am – 9.00am everyday
Remaining weeks: 7.30am – 8.30am Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.


Please pay in cash. Any cheques should be made payable to: ‘Kinabalu International School’.


Items purchased are neither refundable or exchangeable.


Uniform Buy from Cost
Collared polo shirt with KIS logo KIS Shop RM35-40
Girls EYFS and Primary navy blue ""skorts"" KIS Shop RM35-40
Boys EYFS and Primary navy blue shorts KIS Shop RM35-40
Girls Secondary grey ""skorts"" Tailor RM90+
Boys Secondary grey shorts Tailor RM90+
Boys Sixth Form beige shorts Tailor RM90+
Boys Sixth Form beige trousers Tailor RM90+
Long sleeve jacket (optional) KIS Shop RM45-50
KIS school hat KIS Shop RM35
Primary PE kit:  White t shirt with KIS logo KIS Shop RM25-35
Primary PE shorts in school house colour KIS Shop RM35
Secondary PE kit:  House colour t shirt with KIS logo KIS Shop RM40
Secondary PE shorts in navy blue KIS Shop RM40


Our Secondary/Sixth Form students are required to wear tailored shorts or “skorts”/skirt. Parents will need to order these in advance from the recommended tailor and they will be ready within 2 weeks.

Recommended Tailors

New Pyramid Fashion:
(Peter Liew H/P 012 8334577)
Lot A18, 1st Floor, Centre Point shopping mall, KK

New Fashion Tailor (previously KMC Tailors):
(Tel: 088 234376)
Ground Floor, Wisma Merdeka


When students attend a PE lesson they should wear a KIS PE t-shirt along with their KIS PE shorts and a school hat. Students must wear sports specific trainers to all PE lessons. They will not be permitted to wear Converse style trainers for safety reasons as they do not offer a sufficient amount of support. To further ensure good practice in terms of health and safety, jewellery and adornments in any form should not be worn at any time. Students must wear sports kit for any extra-curricular club. This does not have to be the KIS PE kit, however it should still be appropriate for sports and physical activity.


KIS Swimwear can be purchased from the School Uniform Shop. KIS Swimwear is priced at RM100 to RM130. We are very keen that as many students as possible wear our KIS swimwear for swimming lessons and when representing the school in local and international competition. KIS swimming caps are compulsory for local and international competitions and can be purchased from the KIS Shop for RM 32.

However, whilst we continue to source appropriate swimming costumes to meet the needs of all sections of our community the purchase of our KIS swimming costumes are not compulsory. Students who do not have the official KIS swimwear should ensure they are appropriately attired for swimming lessons. We require that boys do not wear board shorts and that girls wear one piece costumes.