Understanding Ecotourism Practices in the Hotel Industry

Understanding Ecotourism Practices in the Hotel Industry

Last week students in Year 2 and Year 5 were made to feel extremely welcome by management, staff and guests on their field trip to Shangri-La Tanjug Aru Hotel. Upon arrival the students and accompanying staff and parents were greeted by a captivating welcome performance in the hotel lobby. Following the cultural dance the students enjoyed talks from the Shangri-La’s CSR Manager, Tara Hammond, where they learnt about the company’s approach to sustainability and conservation. In particular, students learnt how the hotel’s recycling of items such as soap and cooking oil led to the creation of brand new products such as soap bars and candles and a whole host of other practices the hotel undertakes on a daily basis. The children were able to ask questions about the various conservation projects, as well as the history, operations and management of the hotel.

After a delicious snack generously provided by the hotel, the students had the chance to enjoy a ‘behind the scenes’ tour of the hotel, where the hotel’s vast and diverse staff team each met the swarms of curious students with warmth and friendliness, helpfully explaining how things worked in each section of the hotel visited. A highlight of the trip for many was the opportunity to see the resort’s new conservation project involving the repopulation of clownfish for release back into the sea.

The students finished their tour with the opportunity to interview some staff members and also two wonderfully obliging hotel guests.

The visit served certainly helped to consolidate the learning from this term of our Year 2 and Year 5 students, enabling them to see first hand the practical work undertaken by hotels to operate a business in an environmentally responsible manner.

View photos from the trip on Flickr.