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Sasinee Goddard

Communication Liaison

Hello my name is Sasinee (everyone calls me Emma). I am Thai-British, my family and I moved from Bahrain last year, and Kota Kinabalu is home for us now. I have two children at KIS, my eldest Freya in Year 10, my youngest Keira in Year 6. This is my first post as a PTASC […]


Ice-Cream Stall Coordinator

Hello everyone! My name is Yuliani and I’m the mother of Thilal Ilham in year 6 as well as Tazkhiya Tunafsi in Year 12. I have worked as a Foundation teacher for 4 years before I stopped to become a full-time mother for my children. Currently, i have been staying in Kota Kinabalu for 4 […]

Ritu Parashar


Hello everyone, my name is Ritu Parashar. I am from India. My son joined KIS in year 7 and continuing. I am thankful to PTA for giving me chance to be part of the team to assist in various activities undertaken by it. I will try my best to help parents, students and staff in […]

Carmen Leong Pilcher

Communication Liaison

Hi, I’m Carmen Pilcher, mother of three wonderful girls. Our two eldest have already left KIS and graduated from University, leaving us with Leilana in Year 12. My husband and I run the Marine Research Foundation, a non-profit conservation agency here in KK, and I am active in various other charitable organisations. We have been […]

Indah Sulistiyowati

Class Ambassador Coordinator (Secondary)

Hi, my name is Indah Sulistiyowati. This is my 2nd year joining PTASC, I am from Indonesia and I’m a full time house wife with 2 children, Tania in Year 8 and Aisha in Year 7.  I’ve been living in KK for 10 years, before that I have lived in Terengganu (Peninsular Malaysia) for 4 […]

Zalina Wood

Class Ambassador Coordinator (Primary)

Hi, my name is Zalina Wood, please call me Zal. I am a Malaysian from Perak. I have been in KK for two years and am a mum of two adorable daughters, Olivia in Y1 and Megan in First Steps. We are a truly an International family as my husband is Welsh. In the past […]

Adeline Lim

PTASC Co-Vice Chairperson

Hi, my name is Adeline Lim and I am mixed kadazan – Chinese descent from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.  My son Alden is currently in Year 3 and my daughter Chloe will be joining F1 after this summer holiday.  I’m looking forward to working with my new PTASC steering committee member and I hope we can […]

Yong Ken Ni

Communication Liaison

Hi, I’m Kaynie. I am a Chinese Dusun Sabahan. I have two kids in KIS, my son Benson is in Year 4 and my daughter Kaitlyn is in Year 2. This is my second year in the PTASC. It’s my pleasure to continue to work with the new PTA members. Please come to find me […]