Teacher Tuesday: Ms Laura Marriott

Teacher Tuesday: Ms Laura Marriott

Find out more about our Foundation 2 Teacher, Ms Laura Marriott, in this week’s Teacher Tuesday:

How many years have you been teaching and where did you teach before coming to KIS?
This is my sixth year as a Primary school teacher since qualifying in the UK and I taught for 4 years at school in Central London. Before that I taught for almost 6 years as an English as a Foreign Language teacher in Spain, Vietnam, Australia and the UK so all together I’ve been teaching for about 11 years.

How would you describe the KIS community?
It’s a very welcoming and friendly community where we all respect and learn from each other. We’re a small community but I really like that it means everyone can get involved and support each other whatever we’re doing.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?
Seeing the students in my class take charge of their learning and really grow as independent learners. Teaching Foundation Stage is really special because I’m lucky enough to be with the students right as they begin their journey as learners and by the end of the year they have gone from not yet having the tools to be able to read and write to being able to do both those things. It’s really exciting.

What is your favourite classroom resource and why?
Definitely my two Teaching Assistants, Ms Nelly and Ms Moana. There is no way I’d be able to do my job to the best of my ability without the support and commitment of these two ladies. I know that whatever I or the students need they are ready, willing and able to help us with it. The F2 classroom is a very busy place and without them it wouldn’t run anywhere near as well.

Why is there such a focus on learning through play in the Early Years Stage at KIS?
It is well documented that young children learn best when educators follow their interests and plan activities and learning provision from that. Young children generally don’t choose to sit down at tables and wait for adults to tell them what to do, so what we do is create an environment where they take the lead in what they are interested in, and we observe that play and sometimes join in. It’s from there the teacher brings in the learning by talking to the children about what they are doing, how they are doing it and carefully choosing the questions and statements they make, so that they move the children forward in their learning but the play isn’t interfered with at all. They learn so much more this way as they are still fully engaged in the play and learning.

You are a coordinator of the Eco Warriors Committee, tell us more about who is in this group and what they do:
The Eco Warriors are Primary and Secondary students from Year 2 upwards who are trying to ensure that the KIS school community does the very best that it can to be environmentally aware and responsible within the school grounds and beyond. We are hoping that we can help to educate not only other KIS students but also those around us in our local community. We started this year with our local beach clean-up and hopefully we’ll have some other initiatives coming up soon.

What did the recent Eco Warriors Beach Clean-Up teach our students?
The idea behind the beach clean-up was to make our students aware of just how damaging pollution, particularly plastic pollution, can be to our coasts and seas. I hope it showed them that we are all responsible for trying to keep our environment green and clean and that we can all do something about it. If, every time we go to the beach, each person picks up 3 items of rubbish, then we are doing something to help.

What is your favourite movie and why?
I should probably say something cool and grown up but I think the film I’ve probably seen the most times is the 80s kids movie, The Goonies. I loved it growing up and still have a soft spot for it now. I loved it because the kids all got to go on an adventure together with no adults and even though it was dangerous, they never gave up and got their happy ending.

What is your favourite place to visit, in Sabah or beyond?
This is a really difficult question. In Sabah, so far it would have to be Tabin Wildlife Reserve because it’s beautiful and lush. I was lucky enough that I got to see gibbon and orangutan families playing in the trees in the wild, which was pretty special.

What do you enjoy about living in KK?
That we are so close to everything, mountains, jungle and beach that it’s easy to get out and explore it. Also those Borneo sunsets are pretty amazing too.