Teacher Tuesday – Mrs Shelley Dyer

Teacher Tuesday – Mrs Shelley Dyer

This week’s Teacher Tuesday is Mrs Shelley Dyer, who teaches Year 1.


How many years have you been teaching?
15 years.

When did you join KIS?
I’m a newbie – I arrived in August 2017.

Using three words please describe your first impressions of KIS.
Welcoming, friendly and small ☺.

Why do you teach?
I always knew I wanted to teach and it really is all about the students. I loved my own school years and I hope that I am one of those teachers that my own students will remember. Where else do you have 15-plus happy faces greet you/hug you daily and are happy, even excited to see you at ‘work’ everyday? Lucky me!

What is your favourite memory from your first term at KIS?
Probably our Year 1 trip to Gaya Island. I loved how the children were so excited to touch the creatures in the touch tank and make connections in their learning to the real world. They were also so earnest about saving the ocean and planting their coral! ☺

What is your favourite classroom resource and why?
Questions! I love asking my students Why or How Do You Know? Questions are the most versatile resource – easy to take anywhere, can be in any language, easily adapted, free; but most importantly, get students thinking and talking more about their learning!

Who is your hero?
I don’t really have any hero’s as such, but I do greatly admire and respect a number of people. Madiba, (Nelson Mandela) is probably the most significant person, especially being South African myself. As an adult and teacher I have come to respect and admire his lifelong commitment to his own education through many obstacles; and particularly his belief in the power of education as a weapon of change.

This week is Book Week at KIS. If you could be a character from a fairy tale who would you be?
Ok, I’ll go for one of the classic fairytales, and say Belle. She’s strong-minded, intelligent, compassionate, independent and incredibly loyal. I like that she was not saved by Prince Charming as such, but rather she saved the Beast. I like stories with a little twist. ☺

To celebrate the end of Book Week our Primary students will enjoy a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. If you could bring one person to a Tea Party who would it be and why?
Well, the idea will be to have fun, fun, fun, so I think Ellen DeGeneres would ensure that everyone had a full dose of fun and laughter! Can you imagine – she’d have us all dancing and laughing and I am sure she’d bring a few surprises herself too.

What are you enjoying the most about life in KK? Just one thing?
Well roti has become part of my weekly diet, and I just love the morning views of Mount Kinabalu and now that I am adjusting to the Borneo humidity and heat (almost!!!) I am really able to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of Borneo Life. Sabah time is quite easy to adjust to!