Teacher Tuesday: Meet Mr Davies

Teacher Tuesday: Meet Mr Davies

This week we meet one of the longest serving teachers at KIS – Mr Kevin Davies, Teacher of Chemistry and Form Tutor for Year 11K.

How many years have you been teaching?
Can I just say more than 30?

When did you join KIS?
I started in January 2001

That’s a long time! You must have seen a lot of changes. What is different about KIS now and what is the same as when you started?
Obviously lots has changed – more buildings, more teachers, more everything – but I like to think about the core values of friendliness, respect and caring have stayed the same over the years. These qualities are the reason for staying so long.

Why do you teach?
It is the most rewarding and important job anyone can do.

What have you found the most rewarding in your years of teaching?
Building relationships with students, their families and colleagues.

What is your favourite classroom resource and why?
The humble test tube has given me most fun over the years. It is so versatile and great things happen inside.

What Chemistry experiment do your students enjoy the most?
Any experiment that involves using a Bunsen Burner and ends in a (controlled) explosion – nitrogen triiodide is a personal favourite; although rather strangely the A-level students last year seemed captivated by the hydrogels found in diapers.

What advice would you give to students studying for their IGCSEs this year?
Get organised and start your revision programme early. If you find the work challenging ask your teachers for help.

How would you describe the KIS community in three words?
Diverse, Friendly, Family

As a keen sports fan, if you could have dinner with one sports person past or present who would that be?
Usain Bolt