Story Sack Group Celebration

Story Sack Group Celebration

On Wednesday morning, 5th July, the Story Sack Group held an open morning so that students and staff could come along and view all their wonderful creations. Over the last twelve months the group have made an amazing range of story sacks for use by students in the Primary School. The reaction from the students was incredible. They just loved the story sacks!

At the open morning we thanked all the members of the Story Sack Group for their creative efforts and for the way they have worked so brilliantly together to enhance the inter-cultural character of our community through the sharing of ideas, skills and experiences. At the same time, we thanked and farewelled both Mary Earlam and Maria Taib. Mary was instrumental in creating the Story Sack Group with the support of Liz Wu and Kerry Aryal some 18 months ago, and has since worked tirelessly to lead and encourage the group in its activities. Maria has also been a very active and loyal member of the group since its inception.

The Story Sacks group is a wonderful way to bring together parents at the school. Departing parent Maria Taib commented:

For the past 6 months or so I have been immersed with the Story Sacks group of KIS. The group was started two years ago by Mary Earlam and Liz Dunn Wu who both channeled their love of sewing and knitting to bring books to “life” to support learning in the classroom. The group attracted Mums of all nationalities who were all keen to help. Many like myself had little experience of sewing and creativity but with encouragement we all learnt and grew to love the sessions. Not to mention the chat, banter and cake we all enjoyed together. Likewise it is also an open group for new Mums to make friends.

I was initially very reluctant to join in the “fun”, preferring only to sit in for a cup of tea. I then began to stay longer and started doing the laminating until one day was told to sew a sausage and I caught the bug from there.

I’m only very new to the group and have only helped with a couple of books but the pictures show how much effort have been put in and saying goodbye to the group today I can honestly say I am very proud to have been part of it!