Standardised Testing at KIS

Standardised Testing at KIS

Mr Connah, KIS School Principal, reports on the use of standardised tests within the school:

From time to time parents approach the school to ask how KIS students compare to other students in the UK and around the world, who are studying the English National Curriculum. In the past we have been able to provide very clear evidence, at both IGCSE and A Level, that our students perform at a standard well above the world average. Indeed, KIS students have achieved awards for High Achievement, Top in Malaysia and Top in the World, in different subjects. This is no small achievement for a small school like ours.

Until recently we have not been able to make such comparisons for other year groups but following the implementation of a programme of standardised tests across the school last year, we are now able to do so. At the end of last academic year students currently in Year 3 to 10 sat externally set standardised tests in English and Mathematics. At the same time, students currently in Year 6 to 10 sat similar standardised tests in Science. The individual student results of these tests were sent home to parents with the End of Year Reports.

Recent analysis of these results indicates that our students are performing very favourably against their peers in the UK and around the world. In English, our students on the whole (many of whom have English as a Second or Additional Language) achieved above the international average. In Mathematics, our results can only be described as excellent, with almost all year groups scoring well above the international average. In Science, the picture is a very similar one.

While these results are gratifying, indicating that our students are achieving well in their academic studies and that our teachers are doing an excellent job, we cannot be complacent. With the data provided by the testing we are able to better inform the teaching and learning process and target the individual needs of specific students. In line with our School’s Mission, our aim is to challenge and support every student individually to achieve their potential.

Mr Connah