Secondary Arts Week

Secondary Arts Week

The ‘KIS Arts Week 2017’ was an enthralling week for the Creative & Performing Arts Department. The week started with a crucial opening event at the Black Box, the first Sabah Community Theatre, at Suria Sabah, Kota Kinabalu. Our department’s objective was to give our students the valuable experience of performing in a commercial theatre setting; it was heartening to see so many students taking part in the showcase with support from parents, students and staff. We are already looking forward to what is in store next year! A word of thanks to the Senior Management Team and all staff who gave their support by attending, volunteering and promoting the event.

During the week there were a range of activities taking place in the Art and Music departments with a variety of workshops and activities, including Up-Cycle art production, conducted by well-known Malaysian Artist Christianne Gnooting and Up-Cycle activist Marine Biologist Japson Wong from JP Production.

Music workshops were conducted by the talented Drum expert Raymod Goh (1st runner up in Drum Challenge Asia 2008 Singapore with more than 100 contestants); vocalist Rhowell Pagi (Asia’s Got Talent, semi-finalist 2017) and professional Emcee and Singer-Songwriter Rene Barrow, who is co-founder of the Asif & Rene Jazz Band and the bass singer in Hexperiment Acapella Group. Students benefited from their interactive sessions and personal guidance on how participants can improve.

Primary and Secondary music students had the opportunity to showcase their talents in “Street performances” like rock bands, instrumental pieces and singing performances throughout the week. There was a buzz of excitement at lunchtimes as students returned to their classes thrilled to have enjoyed the entertainment from their fellow students. In addition, Jana showcased her creative Japanese calligraphy and Intan her portrait drawings. Intan is benefiting immensely from the ample practise provided by students seeking her out to do their portraits.

Secondary students had the opportunity to learn from the local practitioners of “Up-Cycle” during an assembly called Art Talk. The assembly began with an electrifying solo performance by talented Year 8 student Zen, with his electric guitar. The message of the assembly was ‘Reduce, Reuse and Upcycled Trash to Treasures’ by speakers Tressie Yap (architect), Christianne Gnooting (artist) and Japson Wong (artist). We were delighted to welcome these experts into the school and the students benefitted from hearing how, in their own personal capacity, they are making a difference in improving our environment. They exhibited many of their amazing and creative works, which had been transformed from waste into creative art pieces and beautiful functional products.

Following the event we received some great news for our students – Tressie Yap has agreed to provide someTrash to Treasure activities and to teach and share her experiences on how to create and make products out of up-cycled materials through a Term 2 ECA.

The 2017 KIS Arts Week was a very special week and the teamwork and the exuberance amongst staff and students was memorable. I would like to acknowledge the Creative & Performing Arts Week committee for their fine efforts in planning and coordinating all the different activities: Mr Simon Bryant, Ms Charmaine Ku, Ms Grace Wong, Ms Raywena Lesaya and Ms Ewayne Loi.

A word of thanks must also go all of our volunteers who contributed to the success of the week, the Charity Committee and Mrs Renshaw for her overall support and guidance.

Damein Yuen
Head of Creative and Performing Arts Department