KIS Sixth Form Scholarships

up to 50% off total tuition fees


Academic Achievement

Students studying for A’levels will receive 5% for each A* awarded at IGCSE in the subjects they are studying at A level. If studying a new subject at A level not studied at IGCSE then an A* in another similar subject will be accepted. A student with 4 A* IGCSE grades in all four subjects they are studying for A Levels will receive an additional 5% scholarship (maximum 25%).


Students from outside KIS may submit I/GCSE grades from other institutes towards an academic scholarship. Students who have not studied IGCSE must sit an entrance exam for each A Level they wish to apply for scholarship. If the marks awarded are A* they will receive the relevant scholarship.


The scholarship remains for the course duration of two years as long as the subject is still being studied. The maximum scholarship is 25%, for four A levels with corresponding A* grades.


KIS Loyalty

All KIS students continuing to Year 12 are eligible for a loyalty scholarship of 5% per school year they have been at KIS from Year 7 onwards. If a student has been at KIS from Year 7, they will be entitled to 25% reduction on school fees in Years 12 & 13.


Students who left KIS and wish to return for Year 12 are eligible for the Loyalty Scholarship for the number of complete school years they were enrolled in the KIS secondary school prior to leaving.


Academic Achievement & Loyalty Combined

A student may claim both the academic achievement scholarship (maximum 25% for 4 A levels) as well as the KIS loyalty scholarship (maximum 25%) to receive a maximum scholarship award of 50% off of the published tuition fees for both Year 12 & Year 13 when continuing the same course studies across both years.


Application Process

KIS Loyalty Scholarship will be automatically approved based on school records. The Academic Scholarship will be applied when results from examination boards are available. As I/GCSE results are published after the start of school, academic scholarships will be rebated in the second term.


Terms and Conditions

Starting from March 2023, scholarships are valid for new applications to Year 12 for August 2023 until further notice. For the Academic Achievement Scholarship, IGCSE Mock Examination results will not be taken into consideration, only the Examination Board final results will be accepted. Students who do not have IGCSE examinations may sit KIS entrance examinations and the school’s decision will be final. Only complete academic years in the secondary school will be counted for the KIS Loyalty Scholarship. Students leaving KIS before the end of an academic year (Year 12 or Year 13) will be required to pay back the full scholarship for that school year.