Primary House Event: Trashion Show

Primary House Event: Trashion Show

Last week all of our Primary students came together for our first House Event of the year:  A Roald Dahl inspired House Trashion Show. The day started with all of Primary assembly where students were given the event instructions and details of   the judging categories for the day. The students and staff were treated to a demonstration by a few of our Teachers as to how to walk down a catwalk. If you have not seen Miss Westaway’s catwalk debut yet, you must watch the video on the school’s Facebook page.

The day continued with the students working in age appropriate house teams to design costumes for different Roald Dahl characters, which were as follows:

Gaya: Year 1 and 2 – The BFG Year 3 and 4 – The Roly-Poly Bird Year 5 and 6 – Miss Trunchball
Sapi: Year 1 and 2 – Fantastic Mr Fox Year 3 and 4 – Mr Twit Year 5 and 6 – The Grand High Witch
Sulug: Year 1 and 2 – Willy Wonka Year 3 and 4 – Matilda Year 5 and 6 – James and the Giant Peach

A special mention needs to go to our Early Years students who worked very hard in their classes to make their own enormous crocodiles!

By the time 1 o’clock came and it was time for judging, the students had had an amazing day working with new team mates and learning to co-operate with people who may not be as familiar to them as others.

The final catwalk show, presenting the costumes to the rest of Primary, was an amazing extravaganza, show casing the wonderful creativity and team work that we are developing amongst the students. I can honestly say that being one of the Head Judges was the hardest job that I have had to tackle so far this term! It was very difficult to decide between all the wonderful costumes that had been made out of the recycled ‘trash’ of plastic bags, newspapers, scraps of fabric, cardboard boxes and cellophane wrappers.

After much deliberation the winners were:

Best House Spirit – Sulug
Best Show Stoppers – Gaya
Best Costumes – Sapi

A huge congratulations needs to go to all the students for their participation, as well as thanks to all of the Primary Staff for supporting the event.

Mrs Russell
Head of Primary