Primary FOBISIA Games Success

Primary FOBISIA Games Success

Primary FOBISIA Games 2018 – Phuket 5th- 9th May

Last week 17 students from Year 5 and 6 embarked on their FOBISIA trip to represent KIS at the Primary Games which took place in Phuket, Thailand. The students had spent weeks preparing for this competition with after school clubs as well as extra lunch time practices. The anticipation of arriving to compete against other schools from Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam was drawn out with an unfortunate 2 hour delay at KK airport, however the smiles never left the students’ faces and late on the Saturday evening the group including Miss Woodland, Mr Green and Miss Westaway eventually arrived at Thanyapura Sports Resort. After a quick dinner and group meeting in ‘the penthouse’ the students all went off to bed to get a good night’s sleep ahead of the three days of competition.

Day 1
Knowing that the first day would be the longest day for them, we hoped the students had got a good night’s sleep and were ready for a full on day of Swimming and Athletics, having said this we were greeted with some sleepy faces at the 7am wake up call! After breakfast all of the six schools gathered outside for an Opening Ceremony, Sung Wook and Chloe were the chosen students to carry the KIS flag and lead the team in. Following a demonstration from a training Olympian Swimmer the students had a warm up before the competition started. The first medal, our first gold, came in Race 3 from the Boys U11 Medley Relay. This then started the medal rush! The last race of the morning was a tyre relay which resulted in our final medal of the morning- GOLD! By the end of the swimming competition we had 15 individual medals along with 22 relay medals.

After lunch back at the hotel, the male High Jump competitors along with Mr Green had to leave early to compete in the first part of the Athletics. It became a very wet competition when the heavens opened, although it meant the temperature dropped and was a bit more comfortable to perform in. Once the rain had stopped it was the girls turn to head to compete; after both the boys and girls’ successful jumps we had four medals before the main athletics competition had started!

Following the High Jump, the track and field events started for both boys and girls. The children had great fun and the medals started to come thick and fast. The children were also very sensible and remembered to keep topping up their suncream and drinking lots of water and rehydration drinks.
At the last event, which was the shuttle relay, we were kindly lent three U10 children to Dover Court International School so they could form a team. The KIS children were fantastic and got a silver medal. The KIS U11 shuttle relay (which had U10 girls) won the Gold medal. We enjoyed ending both parts of the day with a gold medal. By the end of the athletics competition we had 29 individual medals along with 17 relay medals. After a very long, tiring day the students and teachers had an early dinner and headed straight to bed to get a good nights rest for the T-Ball tournament the next day.

Day 2
The morning started with an pre-game swim for some of the students, whilst others got their competitive skills warmed up through playing table tennis and pool against each other. After a breakfast consisting mainly of waffles for the students we all headed over to the athletics field for a fun day of T-Ball. Unlike the previous years we were lucky enough to be able to field two teams (A and B) but this couldn’t have happened without the help of Traill International School lending us 3 girls to complete the teams. The A team started off strong with a win in their first match against Regents Bangkok International School. On the other hand the B team had a narrow loss against Garden International School Rayong.

By the end of all the group matches for the B team, they were yet to win. However, something clicked in the semi final against Dover Court International School and they managed to get their first win of the tournament which got them through to the final! This meant they would get a medal! The winning streak was not meant to be and unfortunately the B team lost in the final to British International School of Hanoi. Yet the students all had smiles on their faces as they had just won a Silver in the B category of the tournament with just one win. The resilience shown by the students to pick themselves back up after consecutive losses was phenomenal and just shows that hard work really does pay off.

In the other side of tournament the A team were performing well but sometimes got a bit over confident and made little mistakes. Before going into their last game the A team were on 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. The final game against Garden was a decider on placing and a medal was a stake! Tension was running high as both teams played exceptionally well. It was 10-11 (against us) with 4 batters for Garden still to go. Exceptional fielding from everyone, in particular Sung Wook and Victor, saw the score become 11-11 with one batter to go. The team knew they just had to get the ball to home before the batter got there. Fantastic fielding ensured the game was tied at 11-11. Due to both Garden and KIS being on the same points overall for the tournament, FOBISIA had to to count back, multiple times and eventually the decision was made. We had got Bronze, missing out on Silver by a few runs. The students were extremely happy with their win and did not show any frustration or hard feelings at losing out on the 2nd place. This was an extremely proud moment for us coaches. After a busy day all the students and staff went back for a group swim in the pool with all the other schools to celebrate the victory!

Day 3
We started our last day of the games with either a fun swim or a game of pool/table tennis. After a group breakfast the boys went to the football tournament with Mr Green and Miss Woodland and the girls went to relax at the hotel with Miss Westaway. The boys were fantastic during the football games and always supported each other through thick and thin. They had a great positive attitude and always tried their best. After a tough group stage we were joint second and had to play in a penalty shoot out. We unfortunately lost this but immediately pick our heads up and won the next game 10-1. We went into our final match knowing a win would place us fourth. After a long rain delay the game started and again it was a close game which we we ended up winning this 3-2. Well done to the boys for great performances throughout the morning. The boys then went back with Mr Green to relax at the hotel. We came back to cheer the girls on later in the day.

After lunch, the girls then started their tournament coached by Miss Woodland and Miss Westaway. The girls put in a fantastic effort and never stopped running and didn’t let their heads go down. The girls unfortunately lost all their games in the group stages but they never stopped working as a team and always had a smile on their faces. The highlight of the group stages was when Maxine scored our first goal wearing Miss Woodland’s trainers! After this we went to the later stages of the competition and ended up playing Dover Court International school in our final game. The girls put in a fantastic performance and all their hard work paid off with a 1-1 draw. The girls showed their true courage and determination throughout the trip, which we are so proud of.

After yet another wonderful day in Phuket the boys and girls put on their glad rags ready for the gala dinner and disco. During the day, Maxine and Celine had taught Mr Green and Miss Westaway how to ‘Floss’ ready to show off on the dance floor! Up first was a feast of food with the popcorn and the chocolate fountain being the highlight of the food. We then moved upstairs to the disco where Julia showed us her dancing queen moves. It was again great to see the children mixing with the other schools and making lots of new friends. We all had a splendid time and fell fast asleep dreaming of our disco moves.

Final day
On Wednesday the whole team (including the teachers) had an early wake up call to get breakfast before heading off the airport with bags a little heavier than before. On the way to the airport the students reflected on the games with the teachers and we personally looked around at the more mature students we had in front of us. These 17 students performed to their best ability in sometimes challenging temperatures or situations. Not all decisions or results went their way, yet all these students had a smile on their faces and continued to represent KIS to the best standard they could. Not only did they show sportsmanship to other students from other schools, they even worked alongside other schools to show the true message of the The Friendly Games.

We often get asked what do the FOBISIA Games teach students, for us the list is endless and the experiences are priceless. They experience things that cannot be taught in a classroom. We are incredibly proud of the whole team and can’t wait to see what the future holds for them. Well done Primary FOBISIA team and we hope to see you at the Primary Games or U13 Games next year!

Team: Javy, Maxine, Sandra, Imogen, Julia, Celine, Chloe, Amos, Aaron, Pierre, Brandon, Nicholas, Sung Wook, Yeong Woo, Adrien, Timothy and Victor.

Miss Woodland, Mr Green and Miss Westaway