Prefects Announced! Read their thoughts on life at KIS

Prefects Announced! Read their thoughts on life at KIS

We are pleased to announce that our Head Prefects for this year are Vinay and Lois from Year 13. They will be assisted by Deputy Head Prefects Nishita and Michelangela [Miche] from Year 12. These are prestigious leadership roles within our school and all four students are keen to make a start in the role.

Here they tell us a little about themselves and their thoughts on life at KIS:

My name is Vinay. I’ve been at KIS for about 9 years now so I know the school very well. During my time here I have undertaken many roles such as leading the 4Fest event and the Gold Duke of Edinburgh expedition. Both have showed me the skills needed to be a leader– like taking charge, delegating tasks and leading by example. The best thing about this school is the skilled teachers. Not only do they help you with your studies but they also help you with other problems, such as university applications and personal problems. My previous schools never even mentioned these things! This will be my last year at school and my mind is on what I will be doing after my A Level exams.  With all the help that I am getting here, I feel as though I am more than prepared to make the right choice of university in order to pursue Computer Science, especially since my subject choices of Physics, Chemistry, Applied ICT and Mathematics all contribute to it. I am looking forward to working with the team and contributing as Head Prefect!

My name is Lois and I am in Year 13. Currently I am taking 4 A Level subjects: Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry and in the future, I hope to have a career that involves Chemistry. Throughout my time at KIS, I have had the opportunity to take on some leadership roles, including Sports Day Planner, 4Fest Organiser,  Student Librarian and Prefect. It is a great honour to be chosen as Head Prefect  and I hope to enable positive change in the KIS community!

My name is Michelangela. I’m a new student here at KIS and am excited to be a part of the Prefect team!  This is my fifth school and I have just moved here from Bonn, Germany. Being brought up as a third culture kid and international student has allowed me to learn English, Spanish, Italian and French and build an appreciation of different cultures, which makes me excited to explore and learn more about Borneo.  In previous schools I was a member  of the Student Council and had other leadership roles; I believe this kind of participation is an effective way to better our school community. I am currently in the first year of completing my A Levels and am taking Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Business and hope to study either Chemical Engineering or International Business and Economics at University.

My name is Nishita, I’m 16 years old and I have been a student at KIS for the past 13 years! It will be a great experience for me to be a Prefect this year. I’ve seen many changes at KIS during my time here but what has endured is the wonderful student spirit and how, despite the diverse range of cultures, there is a strong prevailing culture of unity.  Previously I have been on the Charity Committee and a member of the Sports Council. I am taking A Levels in Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Mathematics and my ambition is to become a doctor. I am excited to be able to contribute to the student community here at KIS.

Congratulations to our Senior Prefects for 2017/18!