Prefect Training

Prefect Training

In the early morning of Saturday 13th October KIS prefects woke up from their snug beds and arrived at school bright, enthusiastic and ready for their Prefect Training. In the Multi Purpose Room, a room full of eager students from Year 10 to Year 13 gathered, the room buzzing with excitement and curiosity about what the next 4 hours would entail. They soon learned their morning would be a whirlwind of workshops lead by Mr Bryant and members of KIS’ very own School Leadership Team, Mr Barker and Mrs Renshaw.

The first workshop took place in the Drama room and our prefects explored Public Speaking. Led by our Drama teacher Mr Bryant, they performed rehearsal techniques that focussed on how verbal delivery and body language were key attributes to looking confident and approachable; an important quality for all our prefects to adopt. This skill would be implemented in the future, from situations like talking in front of the school to simpler tasks like presentations in front of other peers. Public speaking develops their leadership skills, as they would soon learn in their upcoming workshops…

The next hour was directed by Ms Renshaw as she introduced the importance of  Counselling and Safeguarding to the students. The skill of being able to offer guidance and pastoral care to younger students is a vital asset to the school, as our prefects focus on cultivating an environment that supports the emotional development of their peers. As well as providing academic aid, prefects will be developing skills and knowledge in order to prevent or address specific problems such as student isolation or bullying. Our prefects have even started working on a plan where they set up a table at lunch and invite students to eat and chat with them as a means of providing support and a safe place to talk.

After a brief tea break, the prefects were ready to start their Leadership workshop with Mr Barker. During this hour the prefects learnt what their title implies and the responsibilities that are tied to it. In groups they brainstormed what they wanted to see change or improved in KIS and what they could do to execute their goals. One group’s idea was to increase global awareness within classes by spending registration times reading the news and, through self realisation, deciding what role they should play to make a difference, both big or small.

Overall the Prefect Training morning was an insight into the beginning of independence in students. Roles were divided amongst the 25 prefects into 4 seperate groups; being Pastoral Care, PSHE, Student & Committee Unity and Marketing. From one cohesive unit, KIS prefects are now organelles in the cell of the school, each performing a different function to make KIS the best it can be.

–    Dania, Y12 Prefect