The school strives to create a wide range of leadership opportunities at every level, encouraging students to take responsibility, make decisions and play a part in the development of the school.

Formal opportunities include some of the following roles and responsibilities.

  • House Captains (Primary and Secondary)
  • Student Council (Primary and Secondary)
  • Charity Committee (Secondary)
  • School Magazine Editorial Board (Secondary)
  • Primary Reporters (Primary)
  • Prefects (Secondary)
  • Playground Leaders (Primary)
  • Librarians (Primary and Secondary)
  • Book Week Committee (Secondary)
  • Parent-Teacher Association Student Representatives (Secondary)
  • Sports Leaders (Secondary)

As well as some of the well-established roles detailed above the school has in recent years introduced some innovative new leadership roles based on best practice in the UK and around the world. For example the Primary Playground Leaders mirrors a popular and effective UK student leadership scheme with has seen selected Primary students receive training to learn new games and chants and how to deal will minor fall outs in the playground and support younger students.

Another recent success has seen Secondary students enjoy the opportunity to take part in a sports leadership programme again based on a UK model. The KIS Sports Leaders award uses sport to help students to learn to lead by developing the skills of leadership: communication, organisation and motivation. Students in the programme are given the responsibility to prepare and deliver lessons for their peers as well as evaluating their efforts to help them better understand their strengths and weaknesses and how they can improve in the future. Students are formally assessed by the Head of PE before receiving their award.

Community Outreach

KIS students and staff are involved in a number of community outreach projects both through the curriculum and the work of the charity community. A new project this term has seen Year 10 students enrolling in a volunteer programme at the Seri Mengasih Centre which is an extension of the financial support the school has provided for the centre in the past. Seri Mengasih is a charitable institution for children and young adults affected by intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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The first Year 10 student to volunteer at the Centre, Se-Ri Park commented; “I had an amazing time on my trip to Seri Mengasih. It was very different from what I imagined and this gave me a better idea of what was going on at center. My favourite part was when I went with the cleaning crew to Wisma Sabah to help them clean offices and also to make sure that there was no trouble and that they were doing what they were supposed to do. The teachers, students and everyone there were all welcoming which made it easy for me to talk to people and be comfortable around them. I enjoyed everything in general and I thought this was a great experience for me”.

A similar programme has seen Year 7 students providing voluntary help at a local cat shelter that is also one of the school’s nominated charities.