Dear KIS Community,


The 10th October is World Mental Health Day with the aim of  rising awareness of mental health issues around the world and to mobilise efforts in support of mental health. This year’s theme is ‘make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority’.


In conjunction with this, I am pleased to inform you that we will be having a KIS Care week from the 3rd October until the 7th October. I would like to say a huge thank you to Cyan Liu in Y12 for this excellent poster she has contributed for the week. The week will be an opportunity for everyone to pick up positive habits by checking in with themselves despite their busy schedules. The sound of the school bell means everyone will drop and relax’, take a few deep breaths and do a few neck, hand, and body stretches.

Secondary and Primary lunchtimes will be filled with relaxing activities which students can choose to enjoy. Students, parents, guardians and teachers are welcome to join our morning ‘wake up and shake up’ sessions from 7.30am to 7.40am, which will be happening at the school’s basketball court (weather permitting of course!) everyday during the week. 


My previous newsletter has mentioned that promoting good mental health should start with ourselves. We all have a role in improving our own mental health and help to promote good mental health as part of a healthy life. 


Until then ~ have a pleasant week ahead.


Datin Siti Naim 

School Counsellor