Dear KIS Community,


My previous newsletter had mentioned that we will be having a KIS Care week from the 3rd October until the 7th October to promote mental health as part of our overall health. Duncan, our Wellbeing Head Prefect has an important message in a video at the end of this article, emphasising why taking care of oneself should be made a priority.


Next week, please join us for morning exercise at the school’s basketball court from 7.30am to 7.40am (if it does not rain of course!). During this week Secondary and Primary lunchtimes will be filled with relaxing activities for the students, such as mindful colouring, stretching time, films in the library, and rock painting, to name a few.  


The week will be an opportunity for everyone to pick up positive habits by checking in with themselves despite their busy schedules. The sound of the school bell means everyone will drop and relax, to take a few deep breaths, do a few neck, hand, and body stretches.


You can join us for a drop and relax too from your office, home, or wherever you may be! Here are the timings for you to set an alarm on your mobile phone or ipad.


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – 9.40 am 

Thursday and Friday – 1.40pm 


We are also pleased to host the first ‘Drop off, Drop-In Coffee Morning’ in conjunction with the KIS Care Week on Wednesday, 5th October. We invite parents /guardians to join us for a lively discussion about your child’s well-being and how we can work together to support them.


Until then ~ have a pleasant week ahead.


Datin Siti Naim
School Counselor