From the Head of Secondary 25.11.2023

From the Head of Secondary 25.11.2023

There’s lots to enjoy in this week’s newsletter, with reports about past and upcoming events. Read on to see how our amazing Bronze DofE Award students and staff got on last weekend. Well done to all of them, and it seems as though all of our hopes for the weather won through!

Even though we have only 3 weeks left of this term, the action continues.

Our Year 9 students will shortly be embarking upon the process whereby they select their IGCSE subjects for Years 10 and 11,  and to launch that we have the Y9 Options parent coffee morning on 6th December at 8am in the multi-purpose room. This will be led by Head of Key Stage 4 Mr Bromley and attendees will hear all about how the curriculum key stages work across Secondary, and the specifics of IGCSEs, what they are, and how parents can support their children through the option choice process.

In addition, Mrs Dobbs, Head of Mathematics, will be talking about Add Maths IGCSE; there are many misconceptions around this subject which she will clarify. Earlier this week Year 9 parents and guardians will have received an invitation to the coffee morning, and we look forward to seeing many of you there.



The Secondary Music Department would like to invite you to attend our Secondary Music Concert which is taking place next Friday, 1st December at 7pm in the school hall.  The concert will showcase the dedicated musicianship from our IGCSE musicians and select Secondary musicians and will also feature the Secondary Rock Band Clubs.  Please reserve a seat using this link:


Come along and enjoy an evening of live music!


We can’t forget Book Week, a key KIS tradition!

This year it will be happening during the final week of this term, from the 11th to the 15th December. Read on to find out more!


Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Margaret Renshaw

Head of Secondary

KIS Book Week 2023:  Monday 11th – Friday 15th December

‘Folklore, Fairy Tales, and Festivals’


Book Week 2023 is rapidly approaching! We’re planning a range of events and competitions across the school, with a wide variety of activities for everyone to enjoy. Our theme this year is ‘Folklore, Fairy Tales, and Festivals’, so there’s plenty of scope for exciting costumes for Character Day: monstrous creatures and mighty heroes from folk tales around the world, or characters from cultural festivals – maybe some Elves from Santa’s Grotto will make an appearance?


Here are the key events happening during Book Week and the ways in which you can all get involved.


Monday 11th December – Book Week 2022 Launch and The Big Read


The week will begin with an Assembly and quiz for Primary to launch the week and enthuse the students about the events happening across the school during the week. Secondary students will get involved with our traditional literary treasure hunt around the school, solving riddles to win big prizes! (Lollipops). These events will be followed by the Big Read, so it’s crucial to remember to bring a book or e-reader!


Thursday 14th December – PJs day


All students can come to school in their pyjamas to celebrate the joys of bedtime reading! In Primary, we’ll spend time making our pillow forts and blanket dens in class, so we can get cosy after lunch and read our favourite stories. Secondary students will have to do normal lessons, but at least they’ll have the joy of comfy pyjamas!


Friday 14th December- Character Day and Prize-Giving


Perhaps the highlight of Book Week! This is the day where staff, students – and maybe even parents! – come to school dressed up as their favourite book characters! I’m expecting excellence again this year, and for the school to be transformed into a stellar cast of great and memorable book characters. We’ll finish the day with a Prize Giving Assembly to see who has won all of the competitions! We’ll be combining Character Day with our Termly House Day, so we’ll also be completing puzzles, tasks and competitions to test our physical, mental, and team building capabilities to find which House is the BEST.


Friday 11th December will also be the date of the Book themed Cake Contest- I’m hoping many people, students, staff, and parents will feel inspired to bake a glorious cake decorated to represent a book, character, or event. The prize has yet to be decided, but what better prize than the sweet taste of cake as we all get to enjoy the fruits of our labours? Judging (and eating) will take place at the Prize-Giving Assembly, and I’m very optimistic that there may be enough for everyone in the school to have some.


Extreme Reading Photo Competition

All students are invited to enter anytime over the next 5 weeks. All they need to do is submit a photo (by emailing it to me of them reading a book in an unusual or unexpected place- The more unusual, the better! Entries will be judged by SLT and prizes distributed shortly after.


Our other events


We will also be engaging in scavenger hunts in Primary Library lessons, book quizzes, and picture quizzes over the course of the week, as well as decorating our doors to represent our favourite books. All decorations must be 100% recycled, so start gathering items now!


Years 5-8 will be participating in a ‘getting to know you’ game over the week- ‘Hunter and Hunted’. It’s a rather wild and silly game designed to get our older Primary and younger Secondary students working together and having lots of fun.  The game runs all week, or until the hunter becomes the captured!


We will look forward to seeing you over the course of Book Week! Scroll down to watch a video highlight from Book Week last year to get a feel of what the week will look like! If you have any questions, or would like to get involved, please speak to your child’s class or Form teacher or contact me directly.



Best wishes,



Ms Frances Colbeck                                            

Teacher- Librarian

Head of Key Stage 5






Successful Bronze International Award [DOE] Adventurous Journey!  


Last week you will have read in the newsletter about the benefits I described for our KIS students to embark on their journey to complete their International Award at Bronze, Silver or Gold Standard.

Last week on Friday and Saturday we had  27 members of our Year10 KIS community who were completing the Assessed Adventurous Journey for their Bronze International Award.


I was relieved that the weather remained overcast on Friday and dry overnight so that all of the participants were able to successfully navigate their routes on the roads, tracks and trails around Tuaran, Tamparuli and the Kiulu Valley to reach their planned end destinations with only minor errors and ailments.

Each participating group now has a week left to type up their group report and submit their project presentation in order to be signed off and complete their AJ section.


The Award program is most certainly one of the most popular ECA’s offered to Secondary Students and I already have 21 Year 9 students applying for places to start their Award in January 2024 and a further 18+ of this Year 10 cohort who wish to continue to Silver Level or start their DOE Award going direct to Silver level.


I want to say a huge thank you to the small dedicated staff team for 2023 who have worked tirelessly to enable and support our students to make their journey towards completing their awards.  Our team of qualified Award Leaders are Mrs Dobbs and Mr Williams and myself, supported with help from qualified supervisors Ms Watt and Mr Gant, and by volunteer Ms McPherson.

Ms Rachel McNutt