From the Head of Secondary 09.12.2023

From the Head of Secondary 09.12.2023

Sports Day was worth the wait!


It was a fantastic morning on Tuesday this week down at LIkas Stadium. As we have come to expect from Ms Watt, the organization was impeccable, everything worked, everybody did their job perfectly, and the students understood their mission: to get as many points as possible for their House. Community spirit was infectious. There was the biggest parent / family contingent of any sports day for the last 15 years at least [as long as I have been at the school]. I had the best job of all, handing out the medals, which was a delight. Many students just kept coming back for more and more, collecting plenty of bronze, silver and gold. There was immense pride in their own and others’ achievements, a lot of competing sound between the music and the microphones [in the hands of Ms Watt and Mr Davies] and the rousing cheers from and for all three Houses. In the end, it was a close-run thing, but somehow who the victorious team was didn’t seem to matter that much once you factored in all the fun and games on this highly memorable day.

Back in school it has been somewhat calmer, as you would expect, but still there has been plenty going on. Thank you to everybody who picked a Christmas Angel of the tree at the school gate. As I write this Ms Jing and the Charity Committee are busy creating a tick-list in the school office as they check to see whether all of the gift-wrapped presents are there. They will be delivered to the Cheshire Home on Tuesday next week, and I know that the clients there will be very excited at receiving them from our Charity Committee members. If you have a Christmas Angel, but have not yet brought the gift into school, please do so on Monday.


Next week is BOOK WEEK 2023: Folklore, Fairy tales, and Festivals’.

It’s going to be an action packed and fun week, starting with the launch, quiz, and Literary Treasure Hunt on Monday at 7.50am. From 9 to 10am we have the tradition Big Read, where we all stop what we are doing, sit down and pick up a book, and enjoy the utter luxury of dedicated reading time.

This means that all students and staff must bring a book to school on Monday [an e-reader is allowed].



We end the week and the term on Friday with Character Day, House morning, and the Celebration Assembly [starting at 11am], when we will be giving out all kinds of awards and prizes. Pick-up time is 12pm on that day for Secondary.


Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs Margaret Renshaw

Head of Secondary / Deputy Principal