From the Head of Secondary 02.12.2023

From the Head of Secondary 02.12.2023

As we come to the end of the first term of the year there is still much to look forward to before Friday 15th December. Some of this involves giving much important information to our Year 9 students and parents as we start the process whereby they will choose their IGCSE subjects which will take them through to the end of Year 11.  It is vitally important that they choose the right courses for them, and to this end we provide information and guidance to both students and their parents. All parents are kept fully informed of the process, can attend meetings, and view the IGCSE subject videos online. Next Wednesday, the 6th December, we are holding the IGCSE Information Presentation at 8am in the multipurpose room and we hope to see many of our Year 9 parents and guardians there.


Sports Day is coming! We are all looking forward tremendously to this fantastic event, which this year will held at Likas Athletics Stadium next Tuesday. All students must be dropped off there by 7.40am and collected at 1pm to be taken home. There will be no afternoon lessons on that day. A letter from Ms Watt was sent home on the 16th November containing all of the details, and all the students [and staff!] in school have been spoken to so that we all know the order of events, our duties and responsibilities, and most importantly, that we must bring plenty of water with us and essentials such as sun-screen and a hat as there will not be much shelter on the day.

The Christmas Angels Tree can now be seen near the school entrance. Traditionally, and in the spirit of generosity and giving, the KIS community marks this time of the year in our long standing relationship with the KK Cheshire Home by providing much-desired gifts for their clients. I noticed yesterday that there are still quite a lot of Angels on the tree, and I would encourage parents and students to take one. The name, gender and age of the recipient are written on the angel, with the gift request. The Charity Committee and I thank you in advance; the wrapped gifts will be taken to the Home on Tuesday 12th December, to be received with much excitement.

Read on to discover how our Year 8 students got on during their Field Trip last week, and many thanks to the accompanying staff. Our students gain so much from these kind of events as they physically experience what they have learning in class.

As I write this on Friday I am looking forward hugely to the Secondary Music Concert this evening. I am certain that it will be a very special event and undoubtedly we will hear all about it in next week’s newsletter!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Margaret Renshaw

Deputy Principal / Head of Secondary



Year 8 Field Trip to TARP – Gaya and Sapi islands on Wed 22nd (8S) and Thurs 23rd November (8K)


Geography is the study of our earth and how its people, places & earth systems all interact.

In year 8 this term we have been investigating various Physical Geography landscapes from the Limestone caves systems underground ( at Mulu) to our rocky coastlines & in particular the features of our Sabah coast along our fringing coral reefs.

This field trip has given all our year 8 KIS Secondary students an opportunity to see at first hand these coastal physical environments and processes occurring as well as develop their practical primary data collection skills.


A competitive edge developed when the small group of 8K students on Thursday in their trash collection and weight in found that they had collected and recorded a higher total kg of plastic and other discarded materials from their 30 minute beach clean than 8S had recorded the day before. This was a taxing, tiring, slightly demoralizing yet rewarding activity to start our field Trip day in the KK Marine Park. With the support and help of the excellent Scuba Junkie team we cleaner a considerable amount from the small beach/ Bay on Gaya island, before then heading towards Padang Point and Sapi island for the next, highlight of the trip for many our snorkel comparison of two reef locations.


After learning for many for the first time  how to snorkel, our students did 2 sets of systematic data collection, snorkeling at two contrasting reef locations at Sapi, counting fish, identifying species and rating the impacts which people have had on the reefs and the marine environment.  After a tasty lunch and break, more Geographical methods and equipment were used to continue to test a range of hypotheses about coastal processes of erosion, transport and deposition.


Continue to read about the trip highlight from some of our year 8 students.

Lucas Chan – My highlight of the trip was when we snorkelled at Sapi beach and then at Coral garden and counted different type of fish. We did a beach cleanup and saw humans faces on the cliffs of Gaya island which was beneficial because we ott to see all of the erosion happening in real time as the cracks in the cliffs slowly become caves and then a small arch. .


Andrew – I felt that I benefited from the trip as it conveyed an physical and enjoyable experience while learning about the local geography of Kota Kinabalu. I felt lucky to be able to enjoy this amazing geographical experience. I thoroughly enjoyed counting the fish at Coral Garden and experiencing such amazing geography that had been learnt during class.


Bryan – I looked at many different kinds of fishes when we were snorkelling (at sapi island & gaya island), which I really enjoyed, this also benefited me because I could see all the different types of fishes in real life. When we were on the boat, we could also see the base of the cliff getting eroded by the strong waves in action, in real life.

Fion – I really enjoyed the snorkelling at the Coral Garden where I was able to see a wide variety of species and fishes, some of which I did not know even existed! Additionally, we were able to collect a large amount of trash leaving us to reflect on the waste us humans had contributed to this. The afternoon tasks were also great fun as the beach was amazingly clean and there was a clean environment for us to enjoy the view while doing the tasks. At the end, we had a rare opportunity to spot some eroded landforms such as arches and caves. Overall, the trip was awesome! :>


Janesse – Snorkelling at Coral Garden was a wonderful experience since I could see many species of fish, for example, clownfish, and a variety of corals. I also particularly enjoyed the tasks we did during the afternoon because I could work with my friends and play and walk in the waters of Padang Point. Furthermore, the views of erosion we saw on the way back to Jesselton Point, for instance, the caves and the big waves crashing onto the cliffs were amazing. In summary, I think that this was one of the best trips I have ever had! :>


Dogyeom-I have discovered a lot of new under water creatures and it was very cool snorkling to breath under water; to see the sea so clearly. The erosion we saw happening at the lighthouse location was incredible and the waves were much much stronger there, then at Padang Point or Sapi beach or the other islands or places. The best part was jumping off the boat into the sea. The GEO trip was amazing.



Isabelle: We saw lots of fish and a variety of colourful fish. We also collected more rubbish than 8S 😀

Boey: the investigation went well,  We managed to get a lot done. We also collected more trash than 8s which I consider a win.Unfortunately, the weather was bad towards the end in the afternoon, and we didn’t get to complete the swash and backwash activity at Padang Point Beach.


Kayden: A major thing that was a highlight was me seeing a lot of marine life and a lot of biodiversity when snorkeling. Additionally, I saw a variety of the coral reefs and different types of species and colors that pleased my eyes. Furthermore, we helped the environment by collecting trash which was very adventurous and mysterious as to what we could find.

Dashie: We managed to collect lots of plastic, cleaned out a major part of the beach as we saw a big difference after we finished.