From the Head of Primary 02.12.2023

From the Head of Primary 02.12.2023


We continue to steam towards the end of this first term and I hope that you have all been enjoying taking part in the showcases of different year groups across the last few weeks. This week, our Year 4s and Year 2s showed off their learning to you all and I think you will agree that they have made us all proud, with the quality of the work they have produced. As with any event in school, a huge ‘Thank You’ must go out to the academic team who support and guide the children in developing these showcases which we all enjoy. It is a core part of the home-school partnership and I hope that you enjoy coming in to see the children’s work as much as I do.


Next week we will be having our Christmas Singalong performances, on Wednesday at 1pm and Thursday at 6pm. We would encourage you to attend to see the beautiful singing of the children across primary, listening to children singing over the festive period is part of the wonder and magic of the season. I look forward to seeing many of you there for one or both of the performances.


We have also made one adjustment to our busy ‘Book Week’ schedule due to the huge number of enrichment activities taking place in the primary school at the end of term. Our Pyjama Day will now take place on Wednesday, with our ‘Snuggle Up and Read’ session taking place during the day. This change ensures that we can continue to deliver learning and wellbeing activities throughout the week for all students at KIS. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to seeing everyone dressed in their finest pyjamas on Wednesday 13th and book character costumes on Friday 15th. 

As this week has been one of relevant normality, I thought I would begin a series of insights into the workings of the primary school, the idea behind some of our practices and how we believe it benefits your children. This week I would like to delve into the importance of ‘Continuous Provision’ which we utilise in both EYFS and Key Stage 1.


Continuous Provision is an educational strategy that revolves around creating rich learning environments that are accessible to children throughout the school day. It is not a rigid curriculum but rather an approach that recognizes the importance of fostering independent exploration and active engagement in learning. In Early Years and Key Stage 1, where curiosity knows no bounds, this method becomes especially vital.


Here are some key reasons why Continuous Provision is at the heart of our educational philosophy:


  1. Nurturing Independence: Continuous Provision empowers our youngest students to take charge of their learning. By providing well-equipped, interactive learning spaces, children are encouraged to make choices, solve problems, and explore their interests independently. This fosters a sense of responsibility and self-motivation that will benefit them throughout their educational journey.


  1. Tailored Learning Experiences: Every child is unique, and Continuous Provision allows for personalised learning experiences. Whether it’s through role-playing in a home corner, experimenting with sensory materials, or engaging in creative arts, children can explore subjects at their own pace, making learning more meaningful and enjoyable.


  1. Seamless Transitions: The transition from play-based learning in Early Years to more structured education in Key Stage 1 can be challenging. Continuous Provision serves as a bridge, maintaining the play-based elements that are crucial for early development while introducing more structured activities gradually. This seamless transition ensures that the joy of learning is not lost in the process.


  1. Developing Key Skills: In these formative years, children are acquiring a range of skills that extend beyond academic knowledge. Continuous Provision supports the development of essential social, emotional, and cognitive skills. Through activities that encourage communication, collaboration, and problem-solving, our students are building a strong foundation for future academic success.


  1. Positive Attitudes Towards Learning: By making learning an enjoyable and engaging experience, Continuous Provision contributes to the development of a positive attitude towards education. When children associate learning with curiosity, exploration, and fun, they are more likely to approach challenges with enthusiasm and resilience.


I hope that this series is well received and I will continue to provide insights into other aspects of our practice over the coming year.


Have a wonderful weekend,


Mr Mark Beresford

Head of Primary