From the Head of PE and Sport 09.12.2023

From the Head of PE and Sport 09.12.2023

Secondary Sports Day 

After so many delays and will it or won’t it happen moments, it was amazing to finally see the day arrive for our Secondary Sports Day 2023. And what a day it was! Excitement and anticipation filled the air as students, teachers, and parents gathered for a day of spirited competition and House comradery. 

It was a perfect day as students filed into Likas Stadium adorned in their House colours; the vibrant red of the Gaya Pangolins, the shining yellow of the Sapi Sunbears and the bright blue of the Sulug Sharks. After assembling on the track for a rundown on the day, it was then straight into action as students took part in a series of both closely contested track and field events. 


The track events are always a highlight of the day, with students showcasing their speed and endurance. We saw multiple records broken from the shortest 60m dash, all the way through to our middle distance 1500m races. Dashie added to her record breaking efforts as she annihilated the current records for both the 100m and 200m sprints showing absolute finesse and fluency in her running style. The middle-distance races were a test of endurance, and it was inspiring to see runners toe the start line and then push through the heat and tiredness, pushing their limits to cross the finish line and earn points for their houses. Pui San showcased her strength and stamina as she set new records for both the 1500m and 800m. Other records went to Andrew in Y7-8 boys 800m take over 5 seconds off the previous time. Ashlyn, Mischa, Timmy and Aiden all broke the 60m sprint records in their respective age groups. While Mischa showed her versatility in sprints by also breaking the Y9-10 girls 200m record. 

Simultaneously, the field events were in full swing, showcasing the participants’ strength and power as they competed in the long jump, triple jump and shot put. Other field events such as discus, javelin and high jump had already been completed earlier in the term at school. Again, more personal best performances were achieved and records were broken including Julia in the Y11-13 girls long jump and Ashlyn in the Y7-8 Girls Triple Jump. 

The ‘House Challenge Station’ was a new, and successful, addition to Sports day. The aim was to bring a little more light hearted fun and frivolity to the day with opportunities for students to earn extra points by participating in a few different challenges with friends. There were a couple of old favourites in the egg and spoon and sack race, as well as a frisbee throw where rather than test students’ power of throwing for distance, they were tested on their skill and accuracy in trying to knock a ball off a t-ball stand. 

At the conclusion of the regular track program, we held our “Blue Ribbon” sprint where the top 2 finishes from each age group for the 100m were put against each other to determine who the fastest runners in the school were. Prior to this, we enjoyed seeing some of our parents, staff and even primary students have a go at the 60m sprint. Mrs Beresford got off to a great start, but it was Sophia, one of our Year 6 House Captain helpers (standing in for a slightly stiff Miss Watt) who came through at the end to steal the win! For the students, it was a very close race in the girls, Sharan from Year 10 got off to a great start but Dashie managed to reel her back in to finish first and earn the crown of the “fastest girl at KIS” at just 12 years of age! We knew it was going to be a hotly contested race in the boys’ heat with some serious speed in the midst. In the end it was seniority that won out as Thomas Dousset crossed first and in doing so broke the Y11-13 Boys 60m sprint record. 


Bringing the teams together to test their collective powers of coordination, teamwork and creativity it was the hoop challenge and House Cheer. It was Gaya who managed to send their hoop from one end of the track to the end with House President Amber racing down to finish first. In the House cheer, Gaya were capitalising on seasonal  spirit and christmas colours as they donned Santa hats before bursting into a thunderous “Let’s go Gaya” chant. Sulug coordinated sparkles and signs as they sang loudly in their attempts to wow the three judges. But it was perhaps the complexity and creativity of the Sapi Sunbears that won over judges Mr Ghanbari, Mrs Renshaw and Mr Gipson as they were awarded 30 valuable points. 


The excitement of the relays is always high and the staff vs parents was no exception. Questions were raised after the event about starting positions and disadvantages but Mr Denyer as the anchor runner for the staff flew down the home straight in front of the grandstand with Mr Gipson in hot pursuit but unable to make up the ground. 

In the student relays we saw yet more records broken by both the Year 7-8 Gaya Girls and Year 9-10 Gaya Girls teams. Some great speed from Sulug Boys 9-10 to win their heat but I think some of the best relay changes were seen amongst the Year 11-23 teams. With all the students down and cheering loudly for their House teams it was a fantastic finish for the track events of the day. 


The final event of the day and the event that everyone wants to be a part of, the tug-of-war, was just as fiercely contested as ever. Sapi did seem to have an edge over the other houses in this competition but when it came to the 6th form vs staff there was little resistance from the other side of the rope as staff made short work of pulling the students across the line. Not to walk away with nothing, and in an attempt to regain some of their self-respect, the students regrouped and rallied more support. The strength of Mr Clifford, Mr Richie and Ms Young and other staff was not enough to resist the collective might of the entire 6th form as they heaved the staff across the line for an emphatic victory! 

With the sun having climbed higher and the shade disappearing, students grouped together in the shade of the stands for the final results announcement and big reveal of who would be lifting the Champions trophy. It had been a closely contested affair throughout the day with a couple of changes of positions as the day passed. With just 6 points separating the top two House teams, it was Sapi Sunbears who were victorious and managed to just stop Sulug from claiming back to back wins. 


2023 Secondary Sports Day proved to be yet another resounding success, bringing the school community together in the spirit of healthy competition and mutual support. The day not only celebrated athletic prowess but also emphasised some of the key KIS PE and Sport values of sportspersonship, teamwork, and perseverance that extend beyond the field of competition.


The success of the day would not have been possible without the efforts of so many people. 


I am so grateful to our incredibly hard-working and generous PTA group who coordinated the Tritonic truck as well as supplying other drinks and snacks to both staff and students to ensure that everyone had enough energy to get through the day. Adding to the atmosphere were the many parents who dedicated time in their day to come and support the event. There were so many familiar faces as well as new ones in the stands who were on hand to cheer on the students. Thank you for getting involved in the day and we hope to welcome you back again at future events! 


All staff did a superb job of managing events, keeping track of students getting to their events and making sure that all the points were tallied and accounted for and of course rallying their respective House Teams throughout the day. Music and sound were expertly managed by our IT team and our ground staff helpers were at the track from sunrise to assist with getting everything set up and so I am very appreciative of all staff across the school for their massive efforts on such a hot day! 


The House Leadership team did a phenomenal job in both the lead up to the event and on the day to ensure that their House Teams were prepared and performing on the day. Our younger Primary House Captains enjoyed being part of the day and were a tremendous help on the day to staff.


My biggest thanks and praise goes to the students themselves. Attendance was outstanding and it was wonderful to see how much the students put into the day, not just in their own individual events, but also as a collective team, looking out for one another by stepping in to fill events for friends, and the thunderous cheering and applause for those running down the finish straight whether in the final stages of the 1500m or urging their team mates across the line in closely contested sprints. 


It was an exceptional finish to what has been a phenomenal first term for PE and Sport at KIS with so many highlights and memories created already. Watch this space for even more marvelous events and opportunities to get involved in PE and Sport at KIS in the New Year! 

Liga SupaRimau Season A –  Last call for registrations


I will be extending the deadline for registrations for next Season’s Liga SupaRimau till the end of the day on Tuesday 12th December. Please click the link here to register your child – 2024 Season A Liga SupaRimau 


Numbers for Under 8’s and Under 10’s are close to capacity but we still have more spaces available for Under12’s and Under 14’s. 




U13’s FOBISIA (19th-23rd Feb) – Dates for your diary


Parents should have received a letter via email yesterday (Friday) containing flight booking details and a reminder that the Final Payment of RM1800 is due this coming Friday 15th December. Please help us to ensure that we have that payment on time so that we can in turn meet our payment deadlines with the organisers. 


In order to maximise remaining weeks before the competition, training will commence the first week back after the holidays. 

Miss Catriona Watt

Head of PE and Sport