From the Eco Warriors 30.04.2022

From the Eco Warriors 30.04.2022

KIS Beach and Reef Clean-Up


KIS is back! Our first beach clean-up in two years!

On Saturday 23rd April, in honour of Earth Day, the KIS community hit the beach at Likas Bay. There were 60 students ranging from F1 to Year 12, and all were accompanied by parents and teachers. Over three hours we collected 153kg of trash and 280 1 litre plastic bottles. Unusual items this time included a back-pack (thanks Freya and Janush) and a tyre (thank you to Gia).

We also had seven student divers and two teachers out cleaning a reef and they managed to clear 50kg of trash. We all wish we didn’t have to do this but it is wonderful that KIS has an active community which comes together to make the world a better place. Many thanks to all of you Global Citizens for giving up your Saturday morning.


Please read Fion and Ada’s experience of Saturday’s beach clean-up. These two girls have been at every single beach clean-up!


‘Hello everyone, we are going to share our experience of going to the beach clean-up with you.

As usual, we were provided with plastic bags which we used to collect the trash and we prepared our own gloves. It was very fun and exciting when we went there, the sad thing was that the beautiful beach was polluted by trash. But on the bright side, we picked up 10KG of rubbish. We found about 60 plastic bottles at that beach, which might have been brought in by the tides. In some situations, people just randomly throw their trash such as food and drinks packaging after consuming it. Even a whole gigantic bag was not enough for us to collect the rubbish; we had to have 2 -3 bags. Furthermore, we sorted the rubbish out into a bag of plastic bottles (which someone was going to use for upcycling purposes) and another one for other trash. If you’re looking for 1.5 liter plastic bottles, just head there, there sure is a lot. It is important to help the environment and the marine life by giving them a clean, trash-free environment. In your free time, you could just carry a bag and a glove to do clean up at our local beaches. It’s time for us to take part in saving our home after all!’ 

Ada Pian and Fion Ho Year 6





Bella Luping-Cowan from 9S writes about the reef clean up:


‘On the beach many students and teachers were working to pick up a variety of trash from the beach at Likas bay, however around Sapi Island 7 students and two of our teachers scoured the ocean depths for pieces of rubbish. This consisted of 3 dives. The first two were around the main bay of Sapi and the last in Ron’s Reef. In the first dive, we managed to collect quite a bit of trash and filled our mesh bags full with plastic bottles and assorted bits of trash. On the second dive it was not only trash that we managed to find but also a small baby octopus. The octopus had accidentally been caught up in the trash that we were collecting, once we found it we released it back into the water around Sapi Island. (The tiny creature was apparently nicknamed “Otto” sometime between the discovery and release). All over we did 3 dives, collected around 50kg of trash and over 200 plastic bottles. Thank you to everyone at the beach clean – up and at the reef clean – up; I hope everyone had an amazing time!’