From the Eco Warriors 26.02.2022

From the Eco Warriors 26.02.2022

The EcoWarriors are very excited to share with the KIS community that KIS has been selected to be one of only 10 Ambassador Schools from around the world for ITZA. ITZA is the organisation which developed this year’s Wild Wisdom Global Challenge and last year’s Get Set Challenge which KIS students took part in. ITZA works with WWF to help young people learn about the natural world and how important it is to protect it, and is based around Sir David Attenborough’s 4 Imperatives:


Revive the oceans

Use less space

Achieve net zero

Eliminate waste

The ITZA challenges help to develop independent learners and offer a fun way to cover topics including: climate change, people and places, sustainability and more, as our students found out in Term 1.


What does this Ambassadorship mean for KIS? KIS will have first access to new content being tested by the ITZA production team and the chance to participate in an online production workshop where students have the opportunity to learn how to create online materials from expert film-makers and game designers. This is very exciting news for our EcoWarriors who are keen to communicate with our community the very best ways to live sustainably and are always looking for new ways to do so.  Charlotte Bouchier, Itza’s Head of Engagement, Mrs Davis and I discussed the possibilities of KIS students interacting with other children around the world as all took part in ITZA projects. Ms Bouchier reported that students said this was one of the great things they enjoyed when taking part in the Wild Wisdom Global Challenge.


The next ITZA initiative will be for Earth Hour which is on 26th March this year. Our students will be able to further learn about our planet, receive a certificate for completing an hour of learning about their planet and KIS will have the chance to accumulate 100s of Earth Hours before the global switch off on 26th March. The competition, for students in Years 6 to 10, will run from 16 to 26 March 2022 and details of how to take part will be coming soon.


Miss Gibbons, Mrs Davis and the KIS EcoWarriors

You may have seen the notice in last week’s newsletter asking for empty and clean 1500ml plastic bottles for ‘Green Roots Origin’ to use to build a greenhouse.
KIS will be collecting empty plastic bottles over the next 3 weeks to help this amazing project and there will be a green bin at the school gate for you to put them in.
They need TWENTY THOUSAND BOTTLES 20,000 by 20th March 2022.
That is a lot of bottles!
PLEASE start collecting them and bring them into school and put them in the green collection bin.
We will then take them to Tanjung Aru in one trip so that it’s a more environmentally friendly way of collecting them.
If every student brings in one bottle each then we would have nearly 400 bottles!!!
Many thanks and let’s see how many we can collect.
Tiggi Mornington-Sanford
Secondary Eco Warriors Co-chair