From the Eco Warriors 22.02.2020

From the Eco Warriors 22.02.2020

Eco Warriors Update


The Eco Warriors have been extremely busy this term.

We held our second Eco committee meeting which was chaired by a very confident Jaxon Lawton. Push taps have now been installed in some bathrooms to reduce water waste and more accessible bins for the Primary students have been placed around the school.


The Secondary Eco Warriors have met with Ms Elis to find out more about the laws, policies and environmental regulations in Sabah.

The Primary Eco Warriors have started an anti-litter campaign (watch this space) where they aim to reduce the volume of packaging and plastic been brought into school from home and also used at school events, such as sports days and swimming galas.


The successful stall at the Christmas Fair raised 990RM, some of which was donated to Regrow Borneo; the rest will be used for plants in the Foundation stage garden.



The Valentines Day stall sold items produced by the Up-Cycling ECA.  Up-cycling can be defined as ‘reusing discarded objects or material in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original’. Wax crayons, seed hearts, plants and book marks, amongst other products, were for sale. The stall raised 270RM which will be used to buy Environmental books for the Primary library.


The Eco team would like to thank parents for their support and hope you will continue to do so as we launch our anti-litter campaign.


Rebecca Holmes

Year 4 Class Teacher