From the Eco Warriors 21.05.2022

From the Eco Warriors 21.05.2022



Hello KIS Community,


As we are slowly approaching our end of year / IGCSE / A-Level exam seasons, the EcoWarriors would like to give our students a tip on how to study effectively and greener! We are proud to present that our Monthly Goal for May is “Recycling, Reusing and Reducing Wisely”.


First of all, every student has their own way of studying smartly, mostly by using paper, but we would like to give you some alternatives that you could use.


Writing notes on paper is one of the most renowned revision techniques, but here are a few apps that you can use to take notes without using paper:


  1. Koggle – This is an online software that can be used to brainstorm ideas.
  2. Microsoft OneNote – It is free software that you can use to take notes and draw annotations from any device you’re using.
  3. Quizlet – This will allow you to make flashcards and have some quizzes!


Here is a gentle reminder that our school is a plastic bag-free school and that we have our recycling bins by the canteen where you can recycle paper, cans, and plastics accordingly. Remember, you can bring your own bottles and containers to school for buying food at the canteen!


EcoWarriors are collecting Milo cartons which can be recycled and used as a building material for houses so please, if you drink Milo from the canteen Fit, Flip, Flap, and Flat* the cartons and then please put them neatly in the Milo bin by the recycling bins!


The CAREton Project


The CAREton Project is a Used Beverage Cartons recycling campaign by MILO ® UHT and Tetra Pak that transforms drink packs into ‘green’ roofing tiles and panel boards for those in need. It aims to raise awareness of recycling and how it benefits the environment as well as the communities around them.

(Milo cartons at KIS will be collected each week and sent to the Centre where they will be recycled and used as building materials.)

Did you know KIS drinks 360 cartons of Milo every week? Let’s try and recycle every one of those cartons!


Have a lovely green May,

Eco Warriors.