From the Eco Warriors 13.11.2021

From the Eco Warriors 13.11.2021

The Primary Eco Warriors team have successfully started to become involved in activities to help care for our local environment.
Over the October holiday, Ada Pian and her family took part in a beach clean up at Likas beach (see photos). Fion Ho has taken part in WWF activities (see report), creating sustainable food menus, Elliot and Aidan Enderby planted their favourite fruit trees on Bukit Padang (see report and photo), and Madison Luping-Cowan has reused old milk containers to plant seeds at home.
Since the middle of September, the Primary Eco Warriors have been meeting online twice a month and I am so proud of the team’s dedication, commitment and enthusiasm!
I am also pleased to announce that the team are in the capable hands of newly appointed Co-Chairs: Fion Ho and Sophia Chua; Team Secretary: Janesse Lau; Eco Warriors Ambassador: Ada Pian and our Eco Warriors committee members: Chevonne Ting, Xi (Chency) Chen, Maddie Luping-Cowan and Kayla Khoh.
We look forward to sharing news of future whole school activities and initiatives to help us on our Silver Flag journey.
Go Green!
Ms Anna Gibbons



Hello my name is Elliot Enderby and for the past couple of months my brothers and I have been collecting all the seeds from the local fruit we have eaten. Seeds from Rambutan, Jackfruit, Tarap, Passion fruit and Cocoa. First we planted the seeds in recycled milk and juice cartons with good soil. After two months of sunshine, watering and care they grew up into really fine tree seedlings. Over the last few weeks my brothers and I have been planting the seedlings along some of our favourite walks around Bukit Padang and Bukit Kopungit as well as around our friend’s land at Poring, here in KK and along the Moyog river. To date we have planted over 50 of our favourite home-grown native fruit trees. This is not only great for the environment but also for local wildlife and us.


Why don’t you try this at home too and if you can’t why not support a local reforestation project like ReGrow Borneo.




I’ve joined a few activities for the WWF10YES, including some quizzes, the deforestation drawing and colouring contest (which emphasis on deforestation and pollution) and the talk about the “Plate for Earth”, where we discussed how we could eat more sustainably and I have decided to do something on this during the term break. I also received a zipper pouch, keychain and bookmark +seed paper from WWF as a prize for the contests about a week ago. I did attend the ending ceremony to celebrate all the schools that get an award and I felt very proud as our school is one of the schools that got awarded.




During the mid-term break, I worked on some recipes for sustainability meals, it is basically eating less meat and more natural local plant-based products, including vegetables and fruits. One of the simple recipes that I did was banana pancakes. I chose bananas because it has a low environmental impact and it uses natural sunlight to grow so it is considered as energy efficient. It’s tough skin is already like a packaging so it does not need any extra packaging. There is still much more to learn about sustainable food and there are lots of delicious recipes to try out so I have decided to practice this in everyday life and prepare a sustainable meal on the weekends whenever I can. A quote says “Sustainability is a journey. Start slowly, but surely.”