From the Eco Warriors 03.09.2022

From the Eco Warriors 03.09.2022

International Coastal Clean-up in Malaysia

Every year in September, Reef check Malaysia (RCM) coordinate the International Coastal Clean-up (ICC) Day in Malaysia.

ICC is a global event that has been running for 35 years. Volunteers all around the world engage and encourage their communities to take action by removing trash from beaches or oceans, identifying the sources of the litter, and inspiring change in beating marine debris pollution.

ICC Day has become one of the main projects they run annually.

It aligns with their goal of “No more beach clean-ups in 10 years”.




ICC is an annual, nationwide beach clean-up coordinated by RCM



This event is in line with our commitment to highlight the issue of marine debris, specifically plastic waste.



Official date is on September 10th but the clean-up can take place anytime in September



List of available locations:



You can join as a regular volunteer or an organizer, find out more here:


Kindly email for registration/ more info


Please help us to keep Malaysia’s beaches CLEAN!

Borneo Ultra Ocean Clean Up – A Report by Julia

Last Saturday I joined an important event co-organised by the Royal Malaysian Navy Submarine Force and University Malaysia Sabah; the Borneo Ultra Ocean Cleanup 2022. The goal was for the participants to do a massive cleanup both on Likas beach and underwater – the divers split into two groups, starting from Sabah Parks Jetty and the UMS Jetty. I was one of the 147 divers involved – a new record in Malaysia! Between the beach and the ocean we removed 994kg of trash that was later collected by DBKK. This number gives us a good idea of just how big this problem is. Of course it’s too large of an issue to tackle alone so this is a good reminder that we all can and should do our part on a daily basis. Refusing single use plastic and discarding our trash properly are 2 easy ways to start. Every single action counts and makes a difference if we all do it.



Julia, Year 10

Attention all Eco Warriors…Students and Parents!


We have extended the deadline date for applications to join the Eco Committee to Wednesday 7th September.

Please note that the e-mail address that was printed in last weeks KIS newsletter was incorrect and applications should be submitted to


If you sent your application to the incorrect address then it would be really helpful if you could resubmit it to


Many thanks,


Eco Committee Chair person