From the Eco Warriors 02.04.2022

From the Eco Warriors 02.04.2022

Save the Date – 23rd April –  Beach Clean-Up is back!


We have secured permission to have our first beach clean-up in a long while. On the 23rd April, at Taman Likas 1, we will get out once more and clean up the plastic.


A reminder of our rules:


  1. Teachers will not be supervising students on this day as teachers also like to take part. Children must be supervised by an adult.


  1. If you are a KIS student aged 18, you do not need to be supervised by an adult. However, you cannot be the supervisor for other KIS students; you are responsible for yourself only.


  1. Bring your own gloves. Please do not bring single-use plastic gloves. Gloves can be purchased at Mr DIY and Daiso and can be taken home, washed and used again!


  1. Please wear a mask and bring your own hand sanitiser and water bottle.


  1. EcoWarriors will provide bags.

Come along any time between 9am and 12. If you can do the whole 3 hours, that would be fantastic. If you have other commitments, that’s okay, pop along as and when you can. Many hands make light work.


The EcoWarriors