From the Eco Warriors 01.10.2022

From the Eco Warriors 01.10.2022

Secondary Eco Warriors:

This year, the Eco Warriors are aiming to promote ways to create a sustainable environment in the school, and encourage others to be mindful of their habits and of events that are happening in the world. The Wild Wisdom Global Challenge is a great way to start learning more about how to protect our planet, which will be running 10-21st October this year. You can sign up for FREE now with our school code: AAAABM at


What are we working on at the moment?

At the start of November, a group of Secondary Eco Warriors will be presenting to the primary students about the most significant points from the 17 Global Goals as well as the goals we want to accomplish on global goals day as Eco Warriors. We hope this will inform and inspire them that they can make a change.



The Eco Warriors would also like to remind all students about the recycling bins near the canteen, and that these should be used for recycling papers, plastic and cans. In addition to that, we would like to remind the students about the ongoing MILO CAMPAIGN. (Click here for more information). Remember that empty milo cartons should be recycled in the small, green bins. As there are very few recycling bins in the school, which are only located near the canteen, The Eco Warriors are looking to add extra recycling bins around the locker areas so look out for these!


Written by Dania Ahmad Nazrulnazib and Tian Jiao (Miky) Kang


The KIS Eco Code

Each year we remind ourselves of the KIS Eco Code (below) and we ask all members of our community to reflect on the code and see if it is still relevant to KIS today. Please read the KIS Eco Code and let us know your comments /