From the Eco Warriors 08.10.2022

From the Eco Warriors 08.10.2022

KIS are excited to be joining WWF and Itza once again in the Wild Wisdom Global Challenge 2022!

Launching October 10th, WWF is scratching beneath the surface of the wonders of Big Cats, delving into the myth and mystery surrounding our feline friends, examining their importance to ecosystems worldwide, and discovering why it’s vital that we act now to protect them.Students can compete against others from around the world for some amazing prizes, including a LIVE virtual safari for the winning school and HarperCollins book bundles for the runners up!The Wild Wisdom Challenge was created for kids aged 10-15, but anyone can take part. Registration is open NOW and access to this is completely FREE! Just use our school code AAAABM to join at


The Primary EcoWarriors ‘Trashless Class’ campaign has begun again! During our ECA each week, a team of EcoWarriors will be checking the Primary classrooms, looking for the following things:

1) Power off when classroom is not in use and aircon is set at 24 degrees
2) Labeled scrap paper tray and junk modelling draw
Bonus points are given for:
1) Class Eco Monitor
2) Milo carton recycling
3) Reducing single use plastic in snack/lunchbox
Last week the competition was very close between 6K and 3S but we decided to go with 3S because their aircon was set at 24 degrees, the bin was only 1/3 full of waste, their scrap paper tray was full and they have been doing junk modelling! Class 3S have all received a Dojo Point for their efforts.
This week our Trashless Class champions have lots of evidence of recycling. They have been using their scrap paper for artwork and there is a lot of junk modelling filling their room. Even though there was someone working in the room, they only had half of their lights on and the aircon units were set at 24 degrees. Congratulations to 6S! They will all receive a Dojo point and get to hang the beautiful wall hanging for all to see!
Next week, our Primary EcoWarriors will be giving you some tips about how to help us with our campaign to keep our school trash free.
Have a wonderful long weekend and if you take part in any activities that show you are caring for our environment, please send pictures and a brief paragraph to so that we can share your efforts with the school community!
Miss Gibbons and the Primary EcoWarriors