Eco Warriors News, 02.03.19

Eco Warriors News, 02.03.19

Save the date: Saturday 16th March, 9am – 2pm

On 16th March 2019, the KIS Community with the Eco-Warriors will undertake to clean the beach at Tanjung Aru 1. We have reserved Gazebo No 3 for our base.

We welcome as many community members as possible to join us. However, because we will be beside the sea, students must not be unaccompanied so we invite parents to come along and join with their children as we clean the beach.

We will clean from 0900 to 1400. If you can pop along for 30 minutes or even more, your help in saving our planet will be appreciated. Please bring your own lunch if you are going to stay for the whole time.

Bring your own gloves, the Eco-Warriors will provide rubbish bags. We will also be measuring how much rubbish we collect, so we recommend downloading the free Clean Swell App. Our data will go to help record how much waste has been cleaned up. Students are advised to check with parents whether they have permission to download the App. Last time, we collected 250kgs of rubbish at the beach and 91kgs off-shore. Let’s hope we collect less, an indication that the coast is getting cleaner!

Please register your interest with Ms Melissa on the school reception desk or by completed the Google Form: as we need to inform the local authorities of potential numbers. Please note that there won’t be a reef clean-up dive that day.

Yours Environmentally,

Mrs Louise Davis, Ms Laura Marriott, and the Eco-Warriors