From the Eco Warriors 09.11.2019

From the Eco Warriors 09.11.2019

E-Waste Collection


The Eco Warriors would like to encourage KIS Community to support this E-Waste Collection event organised by the Sabah Computer Society.

Click the poster to find out more about Sabah Computer Society.



What is E-waste ?

“E-waste” / Electronic Waste is a broken, non-working or old/obsolete electronic appliance such as a TV, PC, air conditioner, washing machine and refrigerator.

E-waste is becoming a global issue because of tremendous growth of demand on electronic equipment and its disposal after use. Disposed E-waste sometimes causes health and environmental hazards if it is not handled properly.

However, many of these e-appliances can be reused, refurbished, or recycled.

E-waste is filled with a lots of toxic materials that affect human and animals body and the environment.When this e-waste is not properly handled and simply thrown out with the garbage, ultimately ending up in landfill, it means both human health and the environment are at risk.


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