BOOK WEEK 2022 26.03.2022

BOOK WEEK 2022 26.03.2022

Last Minute Book Week Reminders!


Thank you for all the Primary Book Swap Book donations! We should all have lovely new pre-loved books to read through the week- including parents! The PTA’s Book Swap boxes in the school office look like they are full of great titles, so if you brought in a book, time to go and find a new one.


We’re braced and ready for the excitement of Book Week; with so many activities and competitions, it might be hard to keep track of who’s doing what! The main activities we need to remember, are making sure we have a book (or eReader) to bring to school every day- it won’t be much of a Book Week if we can’t do some reading!


Hopefully Character Day costumes are all nearly ready for Friday 1st, and our best pyjamas are freshly laundered for Thursday 31st. I would also like you to challenge yourselves to set aside an hour a day to read this week too – it is such a luxury to lose ourselves in a book, but I think we deserve it after all this hard work.

Book Week 2022: Guess the Teacher

Can you guess who is hiding behind their book?