Former Student Reflects On Her Time At KIS

Former Student Reflects On Her Time At KIS

A member of the KIS Alumni, Jennifer Lee, recently wrote to the school to share with current staff and pupils how her time at Kinabau International School has benefitted her further studies when her family moved to Canada. Jennifer is now coming to the first year of her degree in Media Information and Technoculture at Western University in London Ontario, Canada.

A message from Jennifer:

I wanted to take the time to thank KIS as I am close to finishing my first year of undergrad at Western University in London Ontario, Canada. I am studying Media Information and Technoculture, with advanced en-try status into Ivey Business School for the third year.

My family moved to Canada around this time three years ago after six years in Malaysia. During my time at KIS, I took part in many extra curricula activi-ies: FOBISIA Games, iCLAIT certification, drama productions, dance showcases, sports leadership, and much more. I am confident that these experiences are what got me into my dream universities – I was ecstatic to have been accepted to McGill and the University of Toronto.

Everyone can have top grades but not these experiences that KIS offers. Not only did KIS train me to have a good work ethic and education, but it gave me the most unique leadership and teamwork qualities through the experiences that made my application stand out from the other thousands of applicants.

I really enjoyed my time at KIS and only realised once I was overseas that my experiences shaped me with quality assets. I now have best friends who live all over the world, and I see us all succeeding as we age close to the big 20. I’m so proud!
Sending my love from Canada, Jennifer Yoon Jeon Lee