FOBISIA Success For Our Primary Squad

FOBISIA Success For Our Primary Squad

Following our wonderful trip to Regent’s International School in Bangkok for the Primary FOBISIA Games, everyone has had a chance to rest and tell their families all about the fun they had and new friendships that have been made.

The final medal tallies are in: In total between the 19 children in the KIS squad won 81 medals, which is an amazing achievement especially when there were 8 other people or teams in most of the events that the children were competing in. Every student returned having won at least one medal each!

Breaking this down we came back with:

15 gold medals, 27 silver medals and 39 bronze medals. And if they gave out awards for 4th place, then we would have won an additional 46 medals!

The children worked hard for the three days that they were competing and they upheld the excellent reputation of KIS both on and off the field.Teachers from the host school Regent’s congratulated our team members many times for their good behaviour and sportsmanship.

Now the countdown begins for the next games in 2016 – the children are all excited to go and compete again for the school next year.

View photos from the event on our Flickr profile.