Covid-19 Safety Guidance

This Covid-19 Hygiene and Safety Policy is intended to provide guidelines to minimise the spread of Covid-19 in the KIS community. This is a working document and will be revised as required. This guidance replaces our Post MCO Safety Policy.
It is important that KIS takes hygiene measures seriously. All members of our community play an important role in continuing good hygiene practices during the recovery phases as announced by the government. These guidelines are set up in the best interests of the children, staff, families, and guests of KIS. They recognise that we are a single community that come into close contact daily, and therefore we need to assume a collective responsibility for dealing with Covid-19. All members of our community must be familiar with:

 Good personal hygiene practices
 Health checks and screening procedures
 Cleaning and disinfection procedures

Families that choose NOT to follow the guidelines must understand that their child may be denied entry into KIS should they pose a significant health risk to others.

Personal Hygiene & The Environment

Wearing of face masks in school is individual choice. When worn, they must be worn properly, covering the mouth and nose. Masks are not required during physical activity inside or outside of the building.

Regular handwashing is encouraged and soap and hand sanitiser are easily available and within reach around the school grounds. When sneezing or coughing use the elbow or tissue, and dispose of dirty tissues or wipes into covered waste bins. If a new mask is required, remove and dispose of face mask in a covered bin. Routine cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and objects that are frequently touched will take place regularly. Air-condition units will be regularly cleaned and maintained and fans and windows will be in good working order to help with ventilation.


Health Checks and Screening

KIS will performs health checks such as temperature screening and hand cleaning at the school entrance for staff, students, and visitors. Persons exhibiting flu-like symptoms may not be allowed entry to the school. Please check for these symptoms before entering school:

Fever (+37.5C), Runny nose, Cough, Sore throat, Shortness of breath


Close Contact with Covid-19 Positive Person

Current SOPs do not require absence from school if the person does not have any flu-like symptoms or has tested negative each day of the close contact. This includes living with covid-19 positive family members.

Confirmed Case of Covid-19

It is the responsibility of the individual (or parents of a child) to report a positive case of Covid-19 through the MySejahtera app. Current SOPs require people who have tested positive to self-isolate for seven days. The day of the positive test is considered Day 1. A second test is not required. However, if on the 4th day a PCR test returns a negative result, the person may stop self-isolation. The school will monitor cases within our community when we are informed and take appropriate action to minimise risk to others. This may include informing parents and staff of close contacts and in the event of multiple cases, classes may resume online learning for a short period.
The school will never identify the identity of a Covid-19 case to our community and may act against those who spread fake or defamatory news through our community. KIS will not condone any acts of discrimination or potential stigma associated with the news of a Covid-19 case in our community.


Dealing With Stress

People respond to stress in different ways. Common responses include having difficulties sleeping, bedwetting, having pain in the stomach or head, and being anxious, withdrawn, angry, clingy or afraid to be left alone. We will respond to children’s reactions in a supportive way and explain to them that these are normal reactions to an abnormal situation. We will listen to their concerns and take time to comfort them and give them reassurance they are safe. Our school Counsellor is available to support the wellbeing of all members of the KIS community.


Questions or Concerns

Please contact the relevant Head of School, School Principal, School Counsellor or School Nurse should you have any questions or concerns.

Principal :

Head of Primary :

Head of Secondary:

School Nurse:

School Counsellor: