Welcome to the very first minisode of “KIS Alumni in the Spotlight”! To celebrate our 50th Anniversary, we will be producing a series of videos and article that shares the inspiring stories of our alumni and their journeys through life. In this inaugural minisode, we are thrilled to feature Ms. Nishita Deverapalli , a KIS alumna who spent 15 unforgettable years at KIS, starting from when she was only three years old, and now sharing her inspiring journey to becoming a doctor! The video and interview offer a glimpse into her life as a medical student at International Medical University and highlight the valuable lessons she learned at KIS and the teachers that she remembers fondly.


  • What inspired you to study Medicine?

I have always had keen interest biology throughout school, and it peaked especially in A-level where I started appreciating the beautiful complexities of the human body. Medicine was a field where I could explore this fascination deeper and unite it with desire to help people.


  • What is the most valuable lesson you have learnt all through medical school?

Being a good doctor involves thinking like detective and searching for clues to diagnose a disease, but to get there you must be a good communicator first! The greatest lesson I’ve learnt in medical school is not just the technical knowledge or the clinical skills but rather the power of compassion and empathy in bringing hope to patient’s life.


  • Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years from now in the medical field?

A year itself has so many surprises and in just a few months I will be heading to Canada to complete the clinical phase of my degree (not looking forward freezing cold though). However, in 5 years I hope to pursue my medical residency in the US and broaden my love for this field by teaching medicine to university students.


  • What were your favourite moments in KIS?

The one thing that has always kept me connected to KIS are the lifelong friendships I’ve made here. Some of the closest friends I have are ones who have grown up with me since I joined KIS in 2004. Though we are much older now and all over the world we still laugh about and never forget the beautiful memories we shared at KIS.


  • Were there any teachers that inspired you to study/do what you are currently doing? 

In Foundation 2 I had a teacher called Mrs Fox. I remember her classes like it was yesterday: she taught me how to write my first story, create drawings that ended up on the school magazine and I even ended up on the front cover of a newspaper with her! She was truly an amazing teacher and I feel lucky to have been taught by her. 

In A level I had Mr Colbeck who taught physics. While I’ve heard everyone in my life complaining about how they hate the subject, I can confidently say the only reason I enjoyed it was because of his lessons. He taught with such ease (infused with comedy of course) which allowed me to appreciate the beauty of science.


  • Lastly, is there any message to the current students in KIS especially those interested in the field of medicine?

To the students of KIS I would say cherish every moment you spend at KIS. Whether its waiting for that break time bell at 10, watching those colourful flames during a chemistry experiment or simply sitting next to your friends on those brown benches. Make the most of every moment you have at school, because you’ll never have another chance to! To the budding doctors, I would say learn to appreciate the sciences. Even if it may seem hard at times, when you learn to love the subject, you will open yourself up to infinite possibilities in the future! 


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