We ask that any known learning disabilities, difficulties or any such related Special Educational Needs are clearly stated in the application form, with relevant supporting information. The application will then be reviewed by the Heads of School, in consultation with relevant staff, to determine if the school will be able to support the needs of the student and will be reviewed termly. The physical limitations of the school site mean that the school is unable to cater for students with physical disabilities requiring specialist provision, including wheelchair access.

Following acceptance of a student, if the student is diagnosed with learning disabilities/difficulties or related Special Educational Needs, but such information was not included in the Application Form or not known in advance of acceptance of the student, a meeting will be arranged between the school and parents to discuss this issue. The school reserves the right to withdraw the place if any known Special Educational Needs or learning disabilities/difficulties were not included in the application form, or if the school is unable to support the SEN needs of a student which have been identified following acceptance.

Non-disclosure of past serious behavioural issues in previous schools may also jeopardise the student’s place in the school. The school reserves the right to withdraw the place at KIS.


During the applications process students with English as an additional language may be assessed to determine the level of EAL support required. A place will be offered and a year group allocated only if the school has the appropriate resources to support the student. Students who require Intensive or Intermediate support will be charged an extra fee each term. In some cases a condition of entry may be additional language support outside school. Further information on our EAL programme is available here.


Should a registered student not attend school for a month without a formal explanation, the student’s name will be taken off the register. Subsequently, if the place is still required, a new application will be mandatory.


Parents will be informed if a class is full. If they still wish to continue with the application procedure, they will be advised that the student will be placed on a waiting list in the appropriate pool. The pools are as follows:

  • Pool A – Students who have a parent employed by the school
  • Pool B – Students whose siblings are studying at KIS
  • Pool C – Students for whom English is their first language
  • Pool D – Students with English as a second language but who are fluent in English
  • Pool E – Students with English as a second language who are not fluent in English.


Kinabalu International School reserves the right to revise the terms and conditions herein from time to time as it sees fit.


School fees are strictly due and payable in advance before the date of admission and/or the first day of each term. Unpaid fees will incur a late charge of RM10 per school day per student.


No fees will be refunded to students who are excluded or suspended from the school.


In the event of any likely delay or potential non payment, please help us to help you by communicating immediately and in person with the school Principal to ask for extenuating circumstances to be considered and to determine an appropriate course of action. In the event of a substantial delay in payment KIS reserves the right to refuse entry to, or remove any student from School for whom fees are not paid in accordance with the fee regulations.  A student may not start a new term if the previous term’s fees are unpaid.


A 4% discount will be applied if full payment of the whole year’s Tuition Fee is made on or before the 1st day of Term 1, i.e. 23/8/2018.

The discount is only valid should the student attend school for the whole year.


A parent/guardian may withdraw their child from the School by giving six “term weeks” notice to the Admissions Officer. Failure to give six “term weeks” notice will result in the forfeiture of the refundable deposit. For example: if a student’s last day is 11th June 2021, notice of withdrawal must be given by Friday 23rd April 2021.

Notice will be deemed to have been given when a completed Leaver’s Form has been received, and acknowledged, by the Admissions Officer. No other confirmation, written or otherwise, will suffice. Requests for exceptions to this policy may be made in writing to the Principal, who has the discretion to vary this policy in exceptional circumstances.

Any refundable deposit that has been unclaimed within 2 years of the student’s last day of school is deemed as donated to the school.

Withdrawal form is downloadable at the bottom of this page


  • A new student commencing school after the sixth week of a school term is entitled to pay half of the term’s fees.
  • Students withdrawing from KIS part way through a term are required to pay the following fees:
    • Withdrawal within 0-6 weeks of the start of term: half-term fee
    • Withdrawal more than 6 weeks after the start of term: full term fee
    • NB: All other fees are non-refundable
  • Ex-KIS students or visiting students can visit the school and stay in class if space and commitments allow. This is subject to a written application from the parent/guardian to the Principal. Where it is for more than one day a pro-rata fee will normally be charged. All requests are subject to approval from the Principal.
    • 1 day: no fee
    • Exceeding 1 day: pro-rata per week based on a three-month term


  • A student who leaves school but who may return in the future can pay a RM250 one-off retention fee which will entitle them to pay only 1/3 of the capital fee on returning within one year from their last day of school or 2/3 of the capital fee upon returning within the second year. The full capital fee will be payable for students returning within the third year or later.
  • Written notice is required for this scheme, failing which the student will pay the full capital fee.
  • Paying this one-off retention fee does not guarantee a student a place in a class, which is strictly subject to availability at the time of re-enrolment.
  • The Principal and Board of Management, however, reserve the right to review each case on an individual basis on receipt of a written request to do so from the parents.